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Find A Field And Put Gold In It

What if...
What if…

I find myself so easily enthralled with what is good. And so desperately engaged by “what is wrong”. What is good where I live is more what I seek than what is not. It is not about being an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand, but being caught up in the good that is there. Continue reading Find A Field And Put Gold In It

Big Brother Is Watching You!

conspiracyHa! You thought I was going to talk about the 200 million emails a day the NSA has been watching. No, what I want to talk about is even more insidious, darker and more sinister. Mindsets!

A few weeks ago I prophesied romance is in the air. That this is the year for many who have sat, waiting. Thinking life has passed them by and God forgot their number. I have recently prophesied increase for some, respite for others, restoration of family and more. These are all what most of would say are good things to speak, to desire to see occur in people’s lives. Yet some were disturbed and let me know. Continue reading Big Brother Is Watching You!

A Dream Of Goodness

Don’t lose your vision.

Not every dream I have is a “multi-user” dream. Many of my dreams speak to me, others for individuals, a church and then there are the broad spectrum dreams that are fora lot of people.

Lately we have seen a lot of blessing. Not millions yet, but lots of $100, $500 and a few $1000 blessings headed to people. Yesterday I went to visit my oldest son, his wife and their baby before picking up my grandson Jacob to spend the Christmas week with me.

On the way home I needed to buy gas. I realized I had a choice. Buy gas in Vermont (In May they added a new gas tax.) or squeak across across the line and buy it in my home state of New Hampshire. So imagine my surprise when i was approaching the border and there was a single gas station left and I felt the nudge from the Lord, “this is the place.” Hmmmm… So, I hesitantly pulled in. I put my card in. It asked for a rewards card. I plugged that in. (I had not used it in over a year.) How amazed was I when it recorded a $.15 a gallon discount. I filled up.

The last few days I have had various dreams and a vision about the goodness of God. Continue reading A Dream Of Goodness