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Driven By Love? A Thought

leejohndrowteamAs I related to a friend a recent situation in which I had given a word, I could feel the chills. Why chills? A while ago a person received a word from me. The word involved lots of changes in this person’s life. And they acted upon it! Continue reading Driven By Love? A Thought

The Winning Number Is…

leejohndrowteamYesterday I participated in a webinar. It was about a product I don’t totally understand. But the guy was interesting and I hung in there. What they taught on had little to do with technology and more to do with marketing and promotion. That and webinars give me a few moments to do other things, like review email, answer questions and get caught up. People participated around the world. Continue reading The Winning Number Is…

Guess Who’s Watching?

leejohndrowteamYesterday I had a meeting which a superior said to me, “you are spiritual and it shows in how you do things.” Interesting that they were watching.

Many times I have come in under the radar to see someone’s heart turned to the Lord. No tracts, mini Bibles or newsletters. Just love. I have watched God change a person’s life so many times I cannot count. I have had folks come to my home and spoken to them. From cults and covens and watched them begin to weep as I have shared God’s love. Admittedly I was not always like that with God. I was a “beat them over the head with it” guy. Continue reading Guess Who’s Watching?

Being A Vessel Of Light

leejohndrowteamISIS, Ebola, EV-D68, ABC123…Okay, the last one is not a real one…yet…

I am jumping out into the deep end this morning. I want to talk about fear mongering. Most of us know what fear is. We have experienced it. Perhaps it was a frightening situation in a vehicle, the sickness of a family member, or well, something like Halloween. Ask me about those and I am more than willing to share my experience! But, what has come to me recently is the amount of people who are living in fear. Continue reading Being A Vessel Of Light

A Day In The Prophecy Rooms

While running our prophecy rooms today, I saw lots of angelic activity. I began to wonder was it the attraction of the worship, the words or the heart sets. I may never know. But it was interesting. A young child has been seeing a rainbow “colored” angel lately. Another child saw a gold one. And I have been seeing red, white and blue ones. Angels. Continue reading A Day In The Prophecy Rooms

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

What will you write today?
What will you write today?

The words appeared as I was trying to work.  “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” Clearly their idea of a minute is different than mine. After 11 minutes I realized they are on “daylight wasting time.”

From a dream last night.

I looked at the web page control panel (Something I feel I have been doing a lot lately!) and stared. The options were amazing. Unlike a standard web system where I could control color, font styles, images and such, this one was so much different.

Each panel had options for the “day”. You could choose everything for the environment from weather, location, encounters and outside or inside. You had options on other panel to choose moods, type of interactions and opportunities. The lists were full and amazing. Like an actual control panel, you could leave things open ended or you could get very definitive. You could “trust” in the system or you could become creative and let the uniqueness and personal expression come forth. Continue reading Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

The Overlook In Your Life

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

While heading for the caffeine IV this morning I felt the nudge of the Lord. A simple word, overlook, opened up. It appeared. I began to think about it.

On a personal level, I felt the Lord saying there is an “overlook” or overlooked concept, application or method or action I had not implemented. I sat there for a moment and was reminded of my grandson’s prayer last night as he does with me when he is before bed. He often prays for his father, his mom to get work, all the people to be healed and such. Last night there was twist. He prayed that I would raise my mother and father from the dead. (Not really a stretch when you think Jesus’s death released people buried. Matthew 27:51-53) Wow! Teach them to believe for the impossible and… Continue reading The Overlook In Your Life

Well, Well, Well…What Do We Have Here?

wellsPray For The Wells

This morning I was pondering various things having been praying for various situations and friends. As I sat down with a cup of coffee and was reading a note from a friend about a word, I heard “Pray For The Wells.”


As I sat and thought, I thought why is He saying it “that way”? Continue reading Well, Well, Well…What Do We Have Here?

A Fire In New England

goodnewsMany are looking for a fresh word. Are you? I mentioned that yesterday because at best the vessel of prophetic can be viewed with disdain or wrongful allegiance. People often times either love or hate the prophetic. Some may be out of ignorance, some out of having been manipulated or hurt by it.

Many years ago I was in a meeting with a man who became a dear friend over the years. We were talking about how hard it was at that point in time to get a meeting and prophesy because so many had been involved in bad prophecy or “lone ranger” prophetic. (“Hey, if you don’t like me a pox upon your house” mentality by various prophetic voices had sparked resistance.) I myself had faced many the prophet who spoke negative words, words of condemnation and a revelation of “sin” in lives. Continue reading A Fire In New England

Calling All Dads – Where Are You?

In my dad's back yard.
In my dad’s back yard.

When I was a child there was a TV program, Car 54 Where Are You?. It was about two police officers who drove about the city. This sitcom dealt with a funnier side of police life.  This morning following a dream in which I kept getting lost this story appeared to me about dads.  (The short version is there was a round building owned by the Haman Corp. In it, there were 4 stores, no wait 5 I found out. The difficulty was you would climb the stairs in one location, only to come down the stairs and find out the décor and store at the bottom of the stairs had changed.  At one point I walked up the stairs to talk to the garage owner, as I walked down the stairs it had me in a country store setting. I later found out the circular building had been divided into five stores but never figured out how the change came about.)

I thought “Dad’s? Where are you?”

As a dad and now a granddad, I am concerned about the dysfunctional parenting skills displayed by so my parents, but today my “focus” is on dads. Not because I am mad or think there are not problematic moms, just where my focus is. Continue reading Calling All Dads – Where Are You?