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To Bee Or Not To Bee A Pro-Vision

leejohndrowteamBumble Bee Dance

On Saturday night I was lying on the bed waiting for my grandchildren to finish brushing their teeth and as I lay there waiting to pray with them a I saw a bumblebee appear. It began to figure 8 in the air. I began to meditate on the appearance of a bee. The children came in to pray and the bee buzzed away. Continue reading To Bee Or Not To Bee A Pro-Vision

You’ve Got Situations, We Have Solutions.

leejohndrowteamI awoke, cloudy from sleep, but clearly hearing the words, “what is the solution”. Do you mean what is the answer, I thought. “What is the solution” came thundering back to me. Clearly my sleep had ended for the night. I lay in bed and rolled the words for a few minutes. I know an answer is different than a solution, but a solution can be part of an answer. (A solution can be the answer.) But I was unsure of what I was hearing. Continue reading You’ve Got Situations, We Have Solutions.

The Sounds Of Abundance!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I walked over to the garden. I stared at the flowers. The vegetables. It was amazing! And the vision disappeared.

So lush, so fruitful, so abundant!

As a child, a neighbor was looking for a young person to help on his small farm-ette. I soon became his right hand man, helping him a couple of times a day for a quarter each time. I would go down in the morning and feed the chickens and geese, gather their eggs and check for critters! Once a week I would shovel chicken manure out into a pile for summer growing. I would have to shoosh the geese out because if they got excited in the small coop it could be dangerous. Continue reading The Sounds Of Abundance!

Where Do You Turn?

2013-08-22 10.50.40I have noticed a phenomenon that concerns me, not for religion’s sake but for the fact that I desire a higher quality of living in people’s lives. It is that  of seeking alternatives to God and His provision.

When I came into the kingdom of light, my health was not high. I had gone through times of severe depression which led to obesity and the related side effects. I took medicines like candy and thought the fix remained on the aisles of the local pharmacy. When I became a believer I had my eyes opened to the scripture found in the book of 1 Peter. Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. Continue reading Where Do You Turn?

How To Disappear And Change The World

“You know the day destroys the night…”

A few nights ago I had a dream. With everything going on I just sat on it and let it percolate. Honestly it disturbed me a slightly.

Here was a map over and aerial view with 5 areas “smudged out” almost as if there was a cloud over that area that would not allow the satellite camera to see. As two of us looked over the map I said “I know there is something there. I am going.” I got in my vehicle and headed there. Continue reading How To Disappear And Change The World

Once Again Diamonds

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Folks-whenever we think we can we are reminded that we can.

Here is a link of the blessing of the Lord in a young girl’s world as she finds a 3.85 carat diamond.

You may remember I wrote about another diamond not too long ago in Table Size in August.

God has coins in the fishes mouth. He does not need us to bring something, because we have brought Him.

Empty Chairs – An Opportunity For Blessing

empty chairsThis morning I woke, coming out to the living room and sat here for a moment. A quick rehash of what might be accomplished today was on my radar screen.   And then I looked at the floor. Four very empty children’s chairs. A part of me sees the prophetic in the picture. That if you “build” it they will come. The chairs had been moved from our destroyed home in Springfield. My wife and I had cleaned them up and put them on the floor. The first thing my grandchildren did upon arriving last night was go to sit in them excitedly.

There is something about the preparation for a child or children that excites me. These four empty chairs and a table suggested my love for them, hospitality towards them. I never look at those chairs or the pictures of my children without thinking of my love for them. Without uttering a prayer. (There is a large piece here for people. Do children feel welcome?)

Emptiness is a target for the love of the Lord. Do you feel empty? God can fill you up. Continue reading Empty Chairs – An Opportunity For Blessing

Praying For Those In The Middle August 14th 2013

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

This morning while in prayer I saw three things.

First let me clarify, I have had a sense that many were feeling the ill effects of circumstances and situations. Two friends followed up with me to ask for prayer.

I have watched good people getting the stuffing knocked out of them. In particular the workplace has been getting harder for some. The heat is on. (All I can hear is that song “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey! Yesterday I wrote of the heat and what it does to Mexican Jumping Beans.) My wife as well as my friends are working hard to be the witness they are called to be in the workplace. So, as I prayed for those in the workplace I saw this. Continue reading Praying For Those In The Middle August 14th 2013