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This Is The Day, This Is The Day…


leejohndrowteamI believe we are wasting some valuable resources in the church. We have often worked so hard to be relevant, that we have downgraded our thinking some times. We have lost some of the things that truly make the church the church. Many of those resources are the folks who went through powerful times. Impartation, meetings and revelation. Maybe they did not handle it right. Maybe others did not. But we can not live our lives as “been there-bought the tshirt” and expect results. There is a cry in the church for change. There is a cry for change in our country and in the globe. Some, perhaps many of those older folks have some keys. Continue reading This Is The Day, This Is The Day…

Rejoice For God Is Here!

leejohndrowteamThe following is something I wrote some nearly ten years ago.

When I was young I was on a camping trip and we had gone a very long way into the wilderness. And as we approached the lake I could see their was still ice in the distance. I thought, the last place I want to be is in that water. On the other hand, I had sweated myself up to the place where not being clean was high on my agenda. So, as we circled everything up and got things prepared for dinner, I decided I was going to take a swim. I went over to a little bank, perhaps 4-5 above the water and looked in and decided a shallow dive and a quick swim over to the small “beach.” Now, I will tell you, my brothers and I played hockey on a few marginally frozen ponds and going through the ice had not been “that bad.” Probably because I had neglected to remember that it had probably not included total immersion. In I went. As soon as I hit that water with the tips of my fingers, I knew that life was going to be exciting. As I plunged in I felt what could only be described as heart stopping. My swim was as short as I could make it. And let me tell you it was a rush. I was giddy, trying to think through. I got out of the water and more cold took over. Now, that was cold weather camping or winter camping. Continue reading Rejoice For God Is Here!

What Is The Church Of Today?

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I was engaged in a small chat yesterday. I thought we have relegated the “newness” of God to a “coming” and not a “here” thinking as I watched what others have to say. Our actions in “tomorrow” speak louder than our actions of today.

“This is the day that the Lord hath made.” Psalm 188:23-25

What is it that we are “waiting” on? Our tomorrow is today if we see that. While our naturalness is catching up to our spirit, we have the potential to open it up today. Continue reading What Is The Church Of Today?