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Have I Not Believed


changeLike many, my wife and I have entered a different season. It is on many levels one where you question things. New seasons often trigger challenges, thoughts and reveal patterns of thought or new thinking entirely.

One of the questions I have asked my self is “have I not believed.” One topic is employment. In 20 years neither of us has really gone more than a week without something happening in the employment field. Believing for work has never been “hard” but seemed to cause challenges to fall to the wayside. Continue reading Have I Not Believed

Your Life Is About To Change

goldcoinI love those words. “Your life is about to change!”

Your experiences will dictate how you receive those words. Are you thinking “Oh, no! Here we go again!” or are you excited, looking forward? Experience and your reality of the past determine your understanding and capture of a future. But often your reality is not the reality of heaven. And it is heaven and its dictates that are crucial to living a supernatural life in Him. Continue reading Your Life Is About To Change

Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Don’t lose your vision.

This morning as I looked out my window the sun was shining, illuminating the foliage, bringing fire to the trees and their leaves.

I thought, “Lord, what do you have for me?”

I saw a few things.

I saw tanks pulling in across the horizon. The Lord showed me there was an all out attack on grace and it’s ability to change people…and to leave it alone. That He had it. Personally, I pretty much gave up being a grace policeman in the kingdom a while ago. People attack me and friends of mine. I saw the tanks go after people and men hunting the “perpetrators” of the message. Continue reading Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…