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Satan Has No Authority Here


who-are-youIn the middle of the night I was awakened because I began to cough. I got up, grabbed a glass of water and returned to my bed. I sat there and the situations of the last few

days began to mount up in my mind. At 2AM it always seems to be a time of just you. I needed to focus or my alternative would be to get up and “walk it off”. I called upon the Lord and He appeared to me. But “calling” someone is the easy part a lot of the time. Then you have to have a conversation. And so the conversation began. Continue reading Satan Has No Authority Here

Trading Places-Exchanging Time For___?

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

What are you trading for?

Years ago there was a movie called Trading Places. It featured Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy. The story line was that Eddie Murphy was scammer, panhandling his way to riches. Dan Akroyd was rich and brought up in the traditions of wealth and finance. The owners of his company made a $1 wager that they could throw Akroyd to the street and give over his job, title and trappings to Murphy. Murphy proved to be shrewd and he and Akroyd partied up and turned the tables on the two company owners. Continue reading Trading Places-Exchanging Time For___?