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The Pangs Of Change

characterThe last few weeks I have been making an observation. A lot of people who normally walk with their head held high, understanding this is but a “season” have been feeling pushed about. One of the hardest things about a time such is this, is you begin to take it personally. You begin to see it as you and no one else. It begins to unravel thinking about love and acceptance.It may well be a direct challenge to your belief schedule and all that you believe. Continue reading The Pangs Of Change

A New Season…What Does That Mean…

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

A new season…

What does that really mean? How do we digest that? What do we do with that? So often we think a new season is going to be great, but what if it isn’t?

For instance I began a new season a few months ago. By my standards (And others…) I failed. For the first time in my life I was “unsuccessful” and did not meet goals or expectations. Was that a good season? Does God look at it and say “you failed” or you had a bad season?

The result of my “bad season” is I have turned inward. I have stayed closer to God. (Further from friends and family.) I don’t have my verve. I am not sure what it looks like to be like Paul and Silas in a prison singing praise. Do not get me wrong. I have praised God. Only yesterday I am sure some folks thought I was “loose” from somewhere as I sang my songs of praise.

Here we are. August.

As I spoke to many people, most were ready for July to end. It had not “panned” out the way they thought. So what are our standards? I had a new grandchild. Made a couple of new friends. What is your thought?

I believe that the “hunger” for the Lord to move has increased. Things often change in a day or a moment. Only last month people wanted Health Care resolved but today it is the fears caused by the border explosion: hungry children, disease and violence.

Down seasons can make you bitter or better. They can reduce you or increase you. Who is your hope tied to?

Lee…where is the word? I believe this is it.

Today is the day of the beginning. The day where you can say “I am going to praise God in my season of downness”. To recognize God with my praise. To look for Him in what I do not see Him doing yet. To review what He did do for me in my season of down, of apparent failure. To recognize He is “now” in my now.

I looked at Joseph. The man who seemed to lose coats. The man who went from the pit to Potiphar’s, to the prison to the palace. How long did he sit in his place of apparent failure, of despair while in the pit? How long did he languish after he gave a “great” word to a baker and a butler? What was his standard? Did he give up? Did he stop giving words or interpreting dreams? Apparently not, because it was an interpretation that set him free.

Will you extend grace in your pit? Will you minister in your prison? Will you not waver in the “house of Potiphar”?

My time in “darkness” has revealed to me what I am good at and what I am not.

August. The dictionary describes the word August, as majestic, imposing, dignified or of noble birth. So, I say to you this day, what will you birth of majesty, of dignity? Will you release that which has been within you all these years?

Regardless of your prison or palace, God is in you, seeking a place to express Himself through you. Whether it is in the work place or in the grocery store. God invested in you. He invested with a return in mind and He is a long term investor. Regardless of the season, the return is coming.

The Cry of Eureka

preachingatvillageUncovering your answer

Yesterday I had a very unusual conversation with someone I have known but a short time. It started with the person saying something and while I was standing they kept “getting in my space”. I was sharing some of my early life before Jesus. Awkward that the room had a number of people in it. I was “trying to be quiet” but it was clear that others were listening. I realized that the listeners were 3 women and 1 man. They pretended to be “occupied” but they kept turning. The more I shared, the closer this young woman got. Everything inside of me wanted to reach out and hug her. I did reach out and put my hand on her shoulder, more to keep my distance. When I did I felt something “shift”. Continue reading The Cry of Eureka

The Measure Of God? Or Man?

leejohndrowteamWhat if God did not want us to be successful in the area we thought? What???

That was my shower meditation this morning. (I really need to get a recording unit in the shower for my conversation, not so much my singing…)As I verbalized the words, I felt something shift. Change. I began to see people caught up in their stuff when “right outside the door” was His stuff. The difference? Day and night! Continue reading The Measure Of God? Or Man?

What Were You Created For?

preachingatvillageToo often in our lives, we come to the place where something no longer makes sense and we want to give up. Perhaps it is loss or injury or illness. But it takes the life “out of you” and you want no more.

I recently began something new, something different. In this case the casualty was my creativity. What I do has little opportunity for creativity or coloring outside the lines. Continue reading What Were You Created For?

No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side

leejohndrowteamThis is a longer writing. I wish I knew how to keep things short, but… What I have written is a “recording” of events that are occurring and steps that are necessary in a believer’s life. As much as I hate to admit it, there are indeed fiery trials. Our job is to listen to God, reveal His glory and move in the purpose He has established for us. Simple? Some are shaking their heads “no”. The biggest thing to keep in mind as you read this, is the body of Christ is important to our purpose.

Key thought? Stay plugged in! Continue reading No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side

From Disconnect To Reconnect – Community Is In The Air

leejohndrowteamThe process of disconnecting.

Over the last few months I have watched an trend. It is one of two that I have noticed. Both are “negative” trends capitulated by the enemy. The first one I want to address is the “disconnect”.

Disconnecting or the disconnect in its simplest form, means that something is no longer connected. It means to stop or end the supply of something. (We often talk about electricity being disconnected.) So in March I began to see people being disconnected. I thought, “Time to pray” and that is what I did. Continue reading From Disconnect To Reconnect – Community Is In The Air

Tis The Season To Season

changeprocessEach month I have established the first Sunday of the month for my family to gather. Each person brings food, love and seemingly, more grandkids! For me it was a way to see my children together and to provide a vehicle for them build better relationships with one another. It has worked well. One of the things I do is prepare a soup. I love making soup, because when it is done, it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that and creativity. Yesterday was no different. Continue reading Tis The Season To Season

A New Season for Tina and I

This is a new season for Tina and I.

thankful-script 2013-11-03 08.36.34I wrote this on Friday.

Today is a new season for Tina and I. Our 11th move in over 21 years together. November 1st 2013. (Lots of 1’s.) I have Christmas music playing in the new apartment while waiting for the cable guy to show up and hook up the internet.  We will be moved out of our smoky apartment and into this nice quiet place.

Jacob woke up on Saturday morning and said “daddy, I love this place. I slept so well.” It was a busy weekend but everything is moved. So thankful for friends and family that helped this weekend make it happen.

And yesterday these were my thoughts.

Who would have thought moving would have removed the pain?
Over a year ago I became so sick that I could no longer carry my business. Hence a loss of income.

For over a year I have experienced pain levels of 8-10 each and every morning I had stayed in our apartment. The only respite was travel and staying somewhere else.

When it began I put off the doctor, but the sudden weight loss accompanied by the pain drove me to the doctor. Upon entering they wasted no time and scheduled batteries of tests, including endoscopy, blood work, allergy tests, CATscan and MRI. I had a tech who told me “you are here because you have cancer” at which I told him to “shut up.”

The end result was after nearly 6 months, they said they could find nothing. But I still experienced huge pain levels.

Before our move I was driven to just not moving for hours and hours, even though knowing to go outside would be “healthier” just getting up sometimes took all my energy. For the most part, few knew the extent of what was endured.

We are moved and I am thankful. Overnight the pain left. My voice is being restored.

I am thankful for all the friends and family who have made this possible. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

I am not sure what exactly is on the table for the future. Tina and I have a day to ourselves on some levels as I move one more carload today.

A lot of things are up in the air, so to speak. But grace is the empowerment to overcome.

Thanks for all you do.

A new season. For us. For many.