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Your NOW Is Here!

preachingatvillageIt could be right now. Today.

Too often we think everything is down the road, when in fact it has the potential to be in your today. I do not disagree with timing or seasons, but sometimes we hold onto that “get ready for tomorrow, today” in situations that warrant a NOW! Continue reading Your NOW Is Here!

The Pangs Of Change

characterThe last few weeks I have been making an observation. A lot of people who normally walk with their head held high, understanding this is but a “season” have been feeling pushed about. One of the hardest things about a time such is this, is you begin to take it personally. You begin to see it as you and no one else. It begins to unravel thinking about love and acceptance.It may well be a direct challenge to your belief schedule and all that you believe. Continue reading The Pangs Of Change

You Can Get Off Anytime


The last few days I have watched this recurring vision. A vision of a treadmill. Now many people use treadmills. A treadmill is great for walking or running when it is cold outside. But the reality of it is, it is nothing like being outside walking. And where do you go? Where do you end up?

I should say in advance I am not a big treadmill fan. There is nothing wrong with them, they just aren’t me. I am an outside kind of guy. I like walking along rivers and through the woods. Continue reading You Can Get Off Anytime

Preparation Is Not A Four Letter Word

leejohndrowteamI realized yesterday that more people are interested in a “now” word or one that makes them excited than they are in the preparations necessary not only to “get” somewhere, but to stay somewhere. What value is fudging on an entry test or lying on job application only to get to the school or job and not be able to do the work?

For years we have talked about God coming to the unqualified rather than the qualified. I have heard the pithy statements like “God qualifies the unqualified”. I have listened to many sermons on the topic. I agree to a certain extent. I understand the power of grace that lifted us from a sinful cavern and set us upon a rock of salvation. I do. I really do. Continue reading Preparation Is Not A Four Letter Word

It Is Time To Use Your Words

leejohndrowteamWhen I first connected with God and gave my life over to Him I was pretty naïve about a lot of things. I believed a lot of things I no longer believe. Even today my belief in God is deepened, shaped and changed. To try to live like I always did no longer possible.

One of the things I heard was this. That while God was pure the impurity of the vessel added residue to the words that someone brought forth. You may know it as the “flesh” thing. Flesh tarnishes spirit thinking. Now, I do not believe that anymore and if you do have at it. (But before you send me the scathing epistles take some time to study the word “flesh”.) I was taught that when someone gives a word the “impurity” of them will get on it, leaving it “good but not God”. Continue reading It Is Time To Use Your Words

A Season Out Of Time

old-car1A dream 11/24/13

A series of dreams last night lead to this final dream. Each dream had intensified with this being the last one.

I found myself visiting church leaders and folks who had “played” parts in the church over the last 20 years. Prior to the last dream a friend of mine and I stood in a service. Only years before no one had taken a place or position. I had felt the words of “this is the season” had been in error on my part and yet as I stood there I felt a growing group of people in the room standing up and taking a place, a position.

In one dream I visited a couple who had been instrumental and good friends over the years. They were “parked” under a tent in a mountain top view and when I appeared, they pulled away. The man looked at me and had a wary eye. The woman pulled back to the corner of the tent. I had to go have a conversation. Continue reading A Season Out Of Time

Getting Caught Up In The Stuff

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

I have noticed that many are caught up in the “stuff.” What is the stuff? The stuff is that which affects you and your understanding of biblical principles, seasons of life and the need for legacy.

I feel the need to expound on this at a later date, but provoke your mind at this point in time. Continue reading Getting Caught Up In The Stuff

Waiting For The Right Time

It is more than just a place to go. It may be how you get there.
It is more than just a place to go. It may be how you get there.

Too often we find ourselves waiting for the right time. When this happens I will do this. When that happens I will do that. The difficulty is we find ourselves waiting for a day or a circumstance or a sign.

As a believer my life is seated in heavenly places outside the realms or constraints of time. And if my life is in heavenly places, with no time, then the question can be posed, what am I waiting for?

Over the years inside and outside the church people are holding on to various things. Some real, some superstitious, some perceived. For instance, in the world we look for signs of good fortune or good luck. We might visit our favorite Chinese restaurant and indulge in a meal, followed by what the world has deigned fortune cookies and I think of as prophecy cookies. Either way we tear open a plastic wrapped morsel, breaking the cookie to read a small white piece of paper. It matters little what is said, but if you have been waiting or hoping, you may well find an answer. (God is not constrained by our narrow minded thinking…he used a donkey!)

What is at the heart of it, is you are looking for direction. Your comfort zone may be undergoing rehabilitation. I get it! You may feel you need more than direction, that you need encouragement.

I thought about this last night. I was waiting for my wife to arrive with my grandchildren. While preparing dinner, I would walk over to the window and look down to the parking area. When they got here, I wanted them to see me looking at them, ringing them in. Why? Because I want them to know I have expectancy!

I thought just like the father of the prodigal son who waited each day. Probably in the same place, walking back and forth perhaps, providing himself with the best view of where his son might come from. I am sure that there were many days where a tear ran down his face. Days where he questioned his parenting ability. Days where he might have cried out. Days where other family members and servants noticed his disappointment.

When we are waiting for an answer, we go through waves of emotions and turmoil. A few weeks ago, I simply said to God, “I am not taking another step. I have done what I believe to be right. I have done all that I know how to do.” Weeks later, nothing has changed, but I can say I am OK.

I am not looking for a sign or a circumstance. I am looking for Him. When I say that, I mean this. I am open to whatever manner, shape or form God would like to use to provide me with an answer. When I get on something, I cannot move away from it. I become one with the “answer” who in this case is the ANSWER. It is Him. I am not looking for a sign nor am I tossing a fleece. What appeals to my emotions may not be right for me long term. (I am not throwing away emotions!)

I do, however look to whatever way, shape or form God may desire to speak to me. I am open to His answer. I may see things during the course of the day that emphasize or enhance what I believe God is already saying to me. God is speaking a lot. He uses creation, He uses friends and He uses a lot, but the really neat part of it all, is “I know His voice!” When He speaks in whatever manner, I am convinced of what He may be saying. I am not throwing out a rope and hoping He catches it and pulls me up but I simply believe He has endowed me with His goodness, with His nature. And the more I focus on how good He is to me, the less I rely on alternative methods to reduce my discomfort or release my worries. When he tells me to “be anxious for nothing” I can take that to the “bank.”

So, is there a right time? I think there may be. It is probably when you recognize how good He is, how amazing His preparation is and how wonderful His habitation is. (You!) When this is determined you then realize that you are comfortable in Him and everything starts to click into place. It is not a situation or a circumstance that has set you free from the bondage, making you free, but it is Him. Devotion or focusing on Him makes the rest all fit together.

To answer the other question of what am I waiting for, my answer is simply nothing. Oh, I understand the chiros moments in one’s life and the seasons, but when we recognize our wrapped up position with Him, we see that it is all ours, all now. There is on the horizon a seasonless existence. One freed of the constraints of time. When we see that we have become ONE with Him, we recognize the needlessness of seeking a situation or an answer. (I am not saying stop what you are doing and give up. Do what He has called you to do.)

I feel I must add this. I see too many who are wrapped up in their gift, focused on their destiny, when in fact there is a rest He provided from that as well. When you learn to rest in Him, your destiny is not the destination but the place He is going WITH you. When you find yourself anxious about where you are going or what you might do when you get there, you will find yourself missing out on the excitement of being in the moment with Him. While you are headed down the road to grandma’s house, He is wanting to show you the rocks and the pebbles that David that were hidden from the days of Noah. He wants to show you the beauty of the flowers, the freedom of the butterflies, the song of the birds and rustle of the creatures.  H wants to hold your hand and hang out. You will get to grandmas. But you will miss the experience of being with Him.

Do not trade the treasures of today for the thoughts of tomorrow. His blessings and mercies are new EVERY morning.

Seasons of “Set Aside”

I always wake up with interesting thoughts, songs and visions.

At 3:30 the song “Nothing But The Blood” was running over and over in my mind. I began to sing the words softly. I felt the presence of God in the room “increase.” (Rally, probably just that more cognizant of He who is always there.)  The next few hours were dreams that included our president, a friend in the hospital and an acquaintance who has decided it is ok to beat me out of a couple of grand. Upon my final wake up I heard the lyrics from the Bee Gees and their song “To Love Somebody.” (Not a song I sing…)

Lyrics are below…

So what is God speaking? I think God speaks to us all the time. In pictures, words, impressions and more. Now theologically the words have some “error” but the words have power.

What if God is singing this to you?
You don’t know what it’s like, baby
You don’t know what it’s like

To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you

Yesterday a very good friend and I chatted. In many areas, we are in the same “walk.” We often find similarities. Currently both of us would like to see life get “on with it.” The inactivity is frustrating. I am not saying go do something just ‘cuz you can. I gave that up a while ago. There is the occasional activity that is necessary for priming the “pump” so to speak to get everything moving. But both of us have been feeling like God is “holding” us in play. Limbo is his word.  Others are seeing various things move, jump and leap ahead. I am rejoicing with you. I am excited for you.

And it always comes back to seasons. The President is daily being faced with choices. He needs wisdom. My friend in the hospital needs healing. The man with the money owed to me? He needs Jesus. In all of these people, it is “nothing but the blood.”

God will speak to you in many ways. He wired you for community and communication. And even when you are “not hearing” Him He is speaking.

I do not like inactivity (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!) nor do I like the feeling. Our natural thinking and culture easily “translate” inactivity to worthlessness, (I spent much of yesterday morning listening to “praise breaks” to get out of that feeling.) concern and “what am I missing” thoughts.

As my friend and I talked, I began to prophesy into his life a little. The amazing thing about words spoken is they have the power and potential to change you, those that hear and the atmosphere about. I know he felt better as the conversation went on.

Why can be “set aside” for a season? I am not sure the reasons, but I do trust in the Lord and His hand upon my life. Maybe we need a rest. A time of respite.  A time of reflection. (Pretty sure that is not for me. I spend WAY too much time there.) But I think it is extremely important that we are prepared for the goodness that is coming, increasing. Benjamin Disraeli asserted, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his time when it comes.”

So perhaps it really does come down to…faith.

There’s a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you
There’s a way everybody say
To do each and every little thing
But what does it bring
If I ain’t got you, ain’t got faith ?
You don’t know what it’s like, baby
You don’t know what it’s like

To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you

In my brain
I see your face again
I know my frame of mind
You ain’t got to be so blind
And I’m blind, so, so, so very blind
I’m a man, can’t you see
What I am
I live and I breathe for you
But what good does it do
If I ain’t got you, ain’t got faith ?

To Love Somebody lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group