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God Focused – Family Centered


Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my family. I had my 3 of my grandchildren over as well as my daughter. A lot was going on. The funeral for a friend was one. Making sure I gave the children the time they needed and wanted. Getting ready for a turkey dinner was on the agenda and at one point I took them to look at the house my son and his wife are purchasing here in Keene. (And that lead to going around a looking at other homes for sale.) Finally we got home for dinner and a movie. Continue reading God Focused – Family Centered

What Is Difficult Today May Be Harder Tomorrow- Don’t Aim For That!

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I am kind of a black and white guy. And it is exacerbated by the simple fact that I do not find filters helpful. They may make the person feel better that you are talking to but they tend to cloud the issue at hand. So often I am told I am simply “blunt.” (My attempt at filtering “hard things” makes me uncomfortable and probably does nothing to help the party I am speaking to!)

Lately I am seeing some painful things happen. Much of this is founded on a lack of understanding of grace. Selfishness and self-centeredness is the antithesis of grace. Grace causes you desire to move ahead touching others with the goodness you have received. Continue reading What Is Difficult Today May Be Harder Tomorrow- Don’t Aim For That!

Marriage In The Trenches

Tina and Lee wedding
Tina and Lee at their wedding October 3rd, 1992

Real marriage doesn’t usually happen in the bright of day.

Someone asked how Tina and I were doing in the midst of our traumatic house loss. Our answer is, “we are doing good.” Sure we are emotional about the loss and all it entails, but at 3PM today, it was behind us. And we are doing well. Our marriage is strong. Continue reading Marriage In The Trenches

How Big Is Your God? His Kindness Leads To Repentance

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I think it is funny that so many are willing to say “I can’t do it your way” but when provoked as to what their way is, have no place to point to, no foundation to move from.

Over the years I have watched many who want to tell me what they are “unable” to do while setting stagnant. Unmoved. Let me help you with a few things. First “my way” was never my way. I was not looking for God and I was convinced He was not looking for me. Second His way still isn’t “my way.” I am consistently finding He loves me so much that He will not leave me here and delights in moving me more His way. Continue reading How Big Is Your God? His Kindness Leads To Repentance