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Geography Matters To God

preachingatvillageFor many a year I have been taken with geography in the kingdom. The idea of being in the right place at the right time OR being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We relegate so much of the kingdom to “serendipity” rather than faith, discernment and wisdom.

How did we get here? Continue reading Geography Matters To God

Better Is One Day In Your Courts…

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

As I sat on the ledge of the 12th story window, I looked out and there before me were choices. All I had to do was reach out from my perch high above the street and grab one. I looked around. Not only was there no safety nets or cables, but the choices while floating in the air danced in the wind.

The choice was for more power, more reach. As I looked around the city street, I noticed that many were sitting in the windows, faced with the same challenge of thought. And even as I watched people reached out from their place of safety and grabbed. They grabbed on to the floating item held in the air before them. And immediately dropped to street, screaming all the way. Continue reading Better Is One Day In Your Courts…

Favor Is Unexpected

favorrainbowToday I have a day off. There was a raffle at work and I won today off. So I am happy. But the announcement of winning at 5PM last night made me realize that while winning a day off was nice, I had not “planned” for it on some levels. What I mean by that is to have the day off meant some things like locating a team mate to take over my calls, emails and such. It meant I had to program my phone, my email and make sure nothing was “hanging fire”. Continue reading Favor Is Unexpected