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Holidays, You And The Single Parent

$50 billOne man owes the woman over $40,000 in child support for two young children. Another pays no child support and blows through the monies of parents. Children who never see their dads because their dads make choices not to see them. The injustice!

I don’t know about you but those circumstances set me on edge. They have the potential to make me angry and have from time to time.

Single parents with no one else in their life frequently struggle. I know from personal experience. I look with great pain at various Facebook posts that indicate single parenting is not easy. Whether by choice or circumstance being the “one” in a child’s life is hard. Continue reading Holidays, You And The Single Parent

Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

As I read of the new craziness surrounding Black Friday and the war between retail and family, I thought, “been there, done that.” I saw the deaths, the stabbings, the videos and the loss of sensibility.

As I drove my son to work this morning, I shared with my son some of my retail experiences as he headed off to another crazy day of working in a local box store. He sells technology and gadgetry. I get it. (I have owned more stores than I care to think of and endured too many holiday sales.) Continue reading Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Words Of Destiny #8 For Parents and Spouses

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667Too often we struggle with our children and our marriages. They are often tied closely. Many are single parents who are needing a fresh word.

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And if you need a “word of destiny” or know someone who may, check these.

Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667My heart is often broken for the child born into a broken home. But it also goes out to the mom and or dad who is in this mess. Children born out of wedlock have a place in the kingdom as do the single mom or dad. People make mistakes. People hurt one another.

It is the love of the Father that calls them into His place. My own grandchildren understand that. When my daughter felt she could take no more, my wife and I stepped in. Continue reading Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent