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Let The Children Come To Me…


MarcelThinking about the children.

Today my grandson will undergo minor surgery. My daughter in love will soon give birth to a new baby girl. I love the children. This past weekend I saw all my grandchildren. I was truly grandfathered in! I can not imagine life without them!

Matthew 19:14 but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Continue reading Let The Children Come To Me…

The Fence Around The Church

Who comes to your church? I often ask myself does it look like those of Jesus’ companions. Tax collectors, prostitutes and those not “allowed” in church. I can honestly say our fellowship looks more and more like that. I am excited about that! Why? It means they feel welcome. Did you know they felt welcome to be with Jesus, despite their sins, their strongholds and their belief?

Many of my friends are crying out that “God lost America” yesterday. If He is that weak then why would you serve Him? I assure you He is not. The difficulty for many is to realize God gave a group of people all authority here. It is on us.

For years we built a fence to keep “them” out. If you think I am talking about immigration you would be wrong. I am talking about the fence we “built” around the church. Before I was saved, I was a them.  Now I am an “us”? Does that really make sense in light of scripture?

The Supreme Court ruling yesterday does nothing for me except to highlight the need for “limited” or smaller government. There are many reasons for limiting government. One is people get to live life as God intended it…with freedom. Whether that freedom sends “chills” up your back or not, that is the freedom God intended and Jesus advocated. He never was “okay” with their sin but He wasn’t okay with them being outside His “reach” either. I want small government. My opinion, my choice. (Have you read the papers? Are you seeing any overriding value to “bigger is better” when it has to do with control?)

With that said.

There is a difference between influence and control. Jesus never intended to “control” anyone. Dominion “can” come by control, but it is better when the people buy into it.

For years our “us vs. them” mentality has grown. We have taken scripture, used it without context, to control or condemn, and forgot about love. We pulled our children out of schools and bemoan the lack of educational values, including morality. (I am not against Christian schooling or home schooling, my question is your reasons. My wife and I have done both.) Paul said “And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” Romans 10:14

One of the reasons I appreciate being in business and around people is I am around the “sinner.” I was speaking to a friend of mine who works in business. He was “bemoaning” the fact that employees are getting saved and coming to work saying “I am interested in church.” He said it makes it hard to find people to work Sundays!

God never intended our reach to be confined to a building of “good” people. His intent all along was to reach the broken, the downtrodden, the sinner. He intended His death, burial and resurrection for all mankind.

After 20 plus years of life with Him, I feel I can say so many have become “churchified,” failing to be subjects of the King, hence the word Kingdom, that sight of the goal has been lost. It tells us that the “heathen” was given for our inheritance yet many poo poo the idea of the lost, their thinking on various subjects and more.

Let me be frank. We have lost inventors, singers, businessmen and more because of our ungodly attitude towards people. We have acted like the world too often to have influence a lot of the time. If our neighbors do not know we are believers that to me, is a problem. If our coworkers do not know that is a problem. And last but not least, if our children do not know.  In the latter I am speaking of the child who goes to church and sees parents “pose” for the cameras and go home, lacking love or affection.

Before we denigrate those in Congress, the Senate, the Presidency or the Supreme Court we must look at our own actions. I am painfully aware of the difference between a believer and an unbeliever. I know the end game. I am not saying do not hold those accountable to their oaths of office. BUT, do not hold them to a higher standard than you hold the church.

All sin was paid for. Theirs, yours and mine.

Let us get back to the place of practicing the walk of Jesus. Not in a religious manner but with the love that He walked in.

I read today of a famous pastor and government leader who in light of the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA said, “Jesus wept.” If Jesus wept, it is because His church is quick to point the finger anywhere but at their own efforts. We pulled out of government, we pulled out of schools, we pulled out of life, all for the sake of bad teaching and theology. We missed the very thing He was trying to do. Establish HIS kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

If you are dismayed about the ruling, can I suggest it is time to search one’s soul and ask the obvious. Have I influenced those about me with His goodness? Have I made known His name? Have I condemned or have I freed? Have I locked them out and locked myself in?

For the sake of this generation I lay down my life(My thinking, my desires, my hopes and I supplant them with his!) to carry out His words and His will. God was not looking for a democracy or a republic. He was looking for a people. For He is God and that is a theocracy. Where He is the head and we are the body.

And that folks…is a wrap.