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Bringing Family To The Forefront


brightI can reminisce about the days of my youth. Not even how much more agile or able to do more things I was, but the time and the season in my life where life was dear. Where the pace of life was different unless you chose to speed it up. Would I not want children to spend less time in front of a TV screen or imagine life without a cell phone in favor of being outside? Now understand, I value technology, but I do not value our response to it. Anymore than I appreciate one sided reporting or the drama of a storm. I can bemoan the fact that people are too knowledgeable yet lacking in common sense. That we have chosen safety over reality in so many cases. That we have allowed ourselves to be regulated into a corner. Or be concerned that simple education has become so simple that it seems like everyone must pass or else. Continue reading Bringing Family To The Forefront

Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Last night I had a dream about an old friend I have known for over 20 years. He was one of those people who began to reveal the grace of God to me. My friend nearly 20 years later continues to have an influence on me. While he was in my early life he began to show me the value of being a father and how we had the potential to move mountains through our lives. Continue reading Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

This License Set You Free

leejohndrowteamI found myself having another technology dream last night. (For those who want to hear from God, we often hear where we are at as opposed to where we could be…) In the dream I was dealing with a client over his “Microsoft Licensing”. Now in the real world of tech, this is perhaps one of the greatest “jungles” I encounter on a daily basis. Make a mistake in business and it can cost you $5,000 per incident, plus possible jail. And it is “convoluted” on a certain level with lots of rules. But that aside, in my dream the client was facing a software audit. (Like an IRS audit, it determines compliance and such.) My client was concerned. Continue reading This License Set You Free