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What Can I Change?


leejohndrowteamWhile driving to work yesterday, I was thinking about those who can not sit down or sit out. If something is not happening they feel as though they have missed God somehow.

The motion has in so many cases become more important than the Creator. Continue reading What Can I Change?

My Peace I Give To You

leejohndrowteamThere were flashes in the air as the bombs went off. The small group abandoned their vehicle and headed for cover. They were more concerned for their safety than they were for the food and the vehicle that was left on the road. They brought music and were not prepared to fight whoever these people were. Continue reading My Peace I Give To You

How Will You Respond? Course Correction

understanding1Over the years I have had many opportunities to watch the power of correction in lives. My own early life was simply an example of a man who had so little trust for others, so much pride for being right that there was little any one could do to help me or bring correction to my life.

Being the news junkie I am I have followed with interest the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and its inability to be found after over a week. I have heard and/or read every theory out there on its disappearance and where it might be. At this point the plane is believed to be in a new area hours away from where first thought. Continue reading How Will You Respond? Course Correction