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Definitely Not My Time!

paulRobbinsThe following testimony is from my friend, Paul Robbins. It is a strong story about him as a believer and his faith in God.  A moving, powerful testimony of the goodness of God.

March 17th about 11am I decide to hike out into the woods to a spot where I saw a moose the previous week. I dressed fairly lightly thinking I would build up a sweat. The hike is about a quarter mile flat then heads uphill. I took my cell phone knowing I don’t get very good service but more for the picture taking and my wife Jeanne has asked me to take it. Continue reading Definitely Not My Time!

Broadcasting His Name (Where Are The Scribes?)

kids drawingToday I saw my articles reposted on a Pet site, a business site and a site about addictions. I find life so interesting! As I checked to see which articles I was struck with the fact that my view of God and how He functions and transforms me, is reaching people I “never” would have thought about reaching out. And I am assured that the same is true for you as well. Continue reading Broadcasting His Name (Where Are The Scribes?)

The Garden Culture Of His Grace

Hitting the target
A word for today.

The culture of grace is at hand…

This morning I received an amazing letter from a friend of mine. He has not be around that long. It was pretty amazing.  Over the last few weeks, He has seen the blessing of God and His hand move. Last night he wrote me to tell me of many new blessings, but here is the last part.

“So last night for the first time in 17 years I ran 2 miles . When I got off the treadmill I was sweating but hardly winded. AMAZING .I realize that 2 miles may not seem like much but for me with all my “issues” that was like running a marathon. God is amazing , his word is true, and he is always faithful. Thanks for listenin.”

Frankly , I needed to hear it. The last few days have been rough. Lots of amazing things have been happening. But lots of difficult things have happened too. I have felt like “lots” has been on fire. Finances, health, etc.. But you can never give up or stop contending. God did not promise you a rose garden. I rejoice in the fiery trial because there is a promise at the end. 1 Peter 4 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. Continue reading The Garden Culture Of His Grace