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Repair At Ground Level

roadrunnerI had a dream where I had just taken on a new job and people decided it was their time to prank me. To make fun of me by filing false contracts (No one is buying 2,388 cars today, I am pretty sure of it…)Throughout the dream I had to reach out and uncover the “fraud” of clients and the pranks of fun loving folks. Much of “my time” was spent determining what was truth and what was not. My skills were high, but a few still tried to get things by me. Continue reading Repair At Ground Level

Hearing God On Your Time

Lee Johndrow
Lee Johndrow

Hearing God

As I read about debacle the US is facing with the understaffed IRS and how they are being told “got a problem with taxes? We may not be able to help you” it is easy to become frustrated. What you find is people who either will not take the time to make the call (Perhaps losing compliance and possible refunds.) or those that will make the call, only to perhaps receive wrongful information. (Still others will opt not to file at all.)The hard part is I believe many desire to be compliant, desire to file appropriately and want to just have it done. Continue reading Hearing God On Your Time

Realms And Dimensions – Thinking Of Heaven

heargod2This morning it was nearly 0300 dark when I awoke. As I lay there I began to meditate on my favorite subject. Heaven. I often think about the occupants, the physical layout, the supernatural beings that are spoken of in the scriptures. The more I think on heaven the more I want it here. Now. I don’t want to go someplace, I want to be “some place”! Continue reading Realms And Dimensions – Thinking Of Heaven

Will I Love?

Jacob 002Today is Sunday. My friends have already joked “May the fourth be with you”. Me, I have never been much of a sci-fi person. My dreams, my life, are pretty weird to begin with, so the idea of going to see something weird, well, I am just not there. Continue reading Will I Love?