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Off The Treadmill To Still Waters


leejohndrowteamHamster wheels and treadmills.

Those two thoughts are often used to describe life when it begins to develop a momentum of its own or fails to get the user to where they need to be or desire to be. Since my short few days at the hospital last week I have taken a long, hard serious look at my life and what I need to change or at least put under the microscope. So many thoughts run through my mind as to how I arrived at this place. Continue reading Off The Treadmill To Still Waters

The Pull Of The Pendulum

preachingatvillageThe swing of the pendulum. The counting of time. The force. The pull.

Yesterday as I sat in a meeting I saw a clock that was wrong. It ran slowly, out of synch. (Because it is a friend’s, I want to ask him “who does that? How do you live with that?”) My wife would tell you I am intuitive about time, whether it is getting up, how long we have been somewhere, etc.. (Ironically for me, laughter captured me and I was teleported to another dimension. I lost “time”!) Continue reading The Pull Of The Pendulum

2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose

preachingatvillageWhy even announce for 2015? Why seek the Lord at all for this? Is it any different?

Throughout yesterday as the messages of hope and the future appeared, I thought “I agree”. “Amen”. “Good for you!” I know people get caught up in resolutions and change. They want to see the new year as better than the last. There is a hope on the table. Continue reading 2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose

It Is Time!

2014-03-15 11.16.51This morning I caught a video of children being removed from a mountaintop. I, like so many others have been praying for the safety of these children, as well as their families. Only this week I read of children’s parents , cutting their hands so these children could drink their blood and not dehydrate and die. Continue reading It Is Time!

Incoming …A Lot In Between

My old home-The Harmonyville Grist Mill
My old home-The Harmonyville Grist Mill

Many years ago I built homes. We built some pretty extraordinary homes. In the early years we built in the Golden Triangle of Stratton, Bromley and Magic Mountains. Later on over in the western part of Vermont. We built doctor’s offices, indoor swimming pools and lots in between. Continue reading Incoming …A Lot In Between

Trading Places-Exchanging Time For___?

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

What are you trading for?

Years ago there was a movie called Trading Places. It featured Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy. The story line was that Eddie Murphy was scammer, panhandling his way to riches. Dan Akroyd was rich and brought up in the traditions of wealth and finance. The owners of his company made a $1 wager that they could throw Akroyd to the street and give over his job, title and trappings to Murphy. Murphy proved to be shrewd and he and Akroyd partied up and turned the tables on the two company owners. Continue reading Trading Places-Exchanging Time For___?

The Painting Of God -His Response To Paint Me A Picture

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

This morning I awoke feeling kind of blank. Perhaps it is the couple of late nights, early mornings or maybe the ramifications of a rollercoaster week.  Whatever the reasoning, I just sat here, listening. “God, paint a picture for me” I asked.

The picture began to appear. The first few strokes were large brush strokes of brilliant yellows and oranges. The picture developed a glow. And then the stabbing, jerky strokes of dark colored browns, reds and greens appeared. The glow never stopped but it seemed to be only on the edges. The middle of the painting being filled with the darkness of color.  I knew what colors, what brilliance was underneath the darkening layer, but I could not see the fullness of the beauty.

Lately I have pondered how in the midst of so much goodness, I have felt or witnessed the pain that has come alongside. I said the other night it is as if a rubber band was being stretched. I suspect some of it has to do with the time of summer we are in. But I know it is more than that. I know that the economy, relationships, sickness and more have affected people. The answer for many has been to get busier, to invest more time. It has been a placebo for many. As someone who often helps people channel their energies, utilize their resources and manage their time, I see this pitfall occurring in these three lies that are frequently believed.

  • There is only so much available time in a day.
  • Our resources are limited by their reality and our belief in the favor on our life.
  • Our energy is housed in our being

With those three constraints, let me say first and foremost, I believe God can do anything AND I believe He wants to. BUT I also believe He has delegated the procedure and the process of the “distribution” to His people. Therefore we are the “quartermasters” of His goodness. The purveyors of heaven. Continue reading The Painting Of God -His Response To Paint Me A Picture

The Value Of Father

Hitting the target
A word for today.

A daughter’s birthday. 3 grandchildren asleep who never see their father. An early morning chat with a friend. Today is a day to reflect on my role a little as a dad.

The last few years have been “different.” My message has changed. My season has changed. And, well…I have changed. A lot of it has to do with the message I embrace. The grace of God, undiluted, without a doubt. Continue reading The Value Of Father

It Is About Time

What High Ridge home looks like now.
What High Ridge home looks like now.

This morning I was thinking “my chronos is important to my kairos.” The tribe of Issachar, “And of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.” – 1 Chronicles 12:32 NAS

If I am reduced to nothingness that leaves room for everything! Continue reading It Is About Time