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Establishing Heaven On Earth

leejohndrowteamPeople often ask me or other leaders “what is it can do to make my life better?” Only yesterday a conversation with a new believer was about foundation. Where does one put their energy, their study, their thinking. Continue reading Establishing Heaven On Earth

Change That Changes

leejohndrowteamLast night I pondered my day and while I was sitting upstairs I thought, what is it that I can release into the atmosphere that I would know would change someone’s life. The thought came to me that I wanted to see myself somewhere else. I wanted a visitation to a “visible” heavenly place. I was not looking for angels or the Lord but I was seeking a piece of real estate “somewhere else”. Instantly I found myself “moving”. The purpose of my trip or the journey itself is not important. What is important is that while things were changing for me they were changing for other people. Continue reading Change That Changes

Community Changers Arise!

leejohndrowteamYesterday as I went for a walk with my grandchildren, I realized I had “missed” something over the summer. Probably it was simply the summer! But as I walked down a path with them and looked at the river, the foliage and even the path, I saw two things. The power of God and His people.

I asked myself what changes a region or a community for the better. Clearly there were the two pieces I envisioned. One was people. The other was God. As I walked I saw the changes. Some good. Some not so good. How do we make it better? I personally believe that His people change a community for the better. Not just the “good” people but the people who release God into a community. Continue reading Community Changers Arise!

All I Will Ever Be

leejohndrowteamToo often in our lives the greatest disappointment is to think “this is it”. Followed by “is there all there is?”

I awoke this morning feeling a somberness that I have not encountered for a while. It may simply be that it is 9/10 and I remember 9/11 in our country. It may just be getting older and wanting it better for everyone. I checked to see if it was a spiritual thing that was working to overtake me. It was simply the feeling of “this is it?” Continue reading All I Will Ever Be

God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze

Brittney O'Connor
Brittney O’Connor

Years ago a friend of mine shared that when I was in a difficult time, “God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze”. I thought, “thanks!” (Actually “thanks” is exactly what He was looking through.)

Last night as we prayed for a friend, a young friend, Brittney O’Connor shared this story about the octopus. She had seen this while we were praying. Continue reading God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze

A Move Of God Is A Move Of Love

Two dream settings

One was a school room for a get together of friends from a church I was involved in. In the dream people were invited to the gathering with the concept that our “agenda” was to love people. The difficulty came as we sat at tables to talk. After a while people began to walk out. They wanted teaching!

People went outside and finally returned after being upset that there was no “agenda”. Even in the re-announcement of what the purpose was people were disappointed that not more revelation was going to be given. (Funny they went outside to be “friends” with one another.)

The second dream was like a very large school. Huge areas, lots of students. But while I was walking around I sensed this shift.  A very clear division had begun to arise. What was supposed to be two sides of playing together began to turn very ugly. As I headed towards the stairs a young man with a rifle appeared and began to cut off my entrance to the open stairway. He came right at me and ran into me pushing me to the side. Others began to fight. Continue reading A Move Of God Is A Move Of Love

The Asking Of The People

prophets(1 Samuel 8)
Israel asked for a king. Samuel was disappointed but the people were not pleased with his sons. As he prayed the Lord told him that it was Him, God Himself they had not wanted. “Give them what they want.”

People often ask but they frequently do not know what they are asking. More often they are asking for something more comfortable, less intense and not as dangerous.

I have more and more dreams as well as frequent visions of change in our region. I am sure others have their dreams of their regions as well. (Recently I saw New England changing dramatically. I saw pagans and witches being converted to the One.) Continue reading The Asking Of The People

The Spirit of Restoration

Yesterday morning while getting ready for service, I could feel the words “The Spirit of Restoration” being pressed into my thinking. During worship it got stronger and stronger. I shared with my friend that I really believed I was seeing something.

I released it with my words during the rest of service just mouthing the words and getting a feel of what God was saying. Not a public thing but a personal thing. Frankly I was not sure how to see it through. So, I left it in the air during the day. Continue reading The Spirit of Restoration

A Prophetic Voice and Their Choices

trumpetWhile traveling through Boston last night I just gave a lot of thought to my first travels through the city when I was 4 or so. I thought about all the years that had gone by since my mom introduced me to Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere and history.

Life is interesting. Paul Revere’s ride. This from PaulRevereHouse.org

In 1774 and the Spring of 1775 Paul Revere was employed by the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety as an express rider to carry news, messages, and copies of resolutions as far away as New York and Philadelphia. Continue reading A Prophetic Voice and Their Choices