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Make Room For The King!

leejohndrowteamAre we there yet?

Anyone with a child has heard the impatient refrain of “are we there yet?” (Perhaps I still am that child on some levels…) As my grandchildren become more excited, I think and am reminded that too often we miss out on the moment because of that excitement. We want to get somewhere Get something over. Receive something new. Continue reading Make Room For The King!

A Wakeup Invite To See The Transition

A Hero's Journey
A Hero’s Journey

I was sleeping and then I wasn’t. I felt as if I was to get up and do something. It is 11:30 at night. And then I began to see it. The transition. And then I saw this. The HERO’S JOURNEY. What? What is that?

I found there was truly such a thing. A story written by a man, Joseph Campbell. It appears like this. Continue reading A Wakeup Invite To See The Transition