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Preparation Of The Fields


leejohndrowteamLast night as we prayed in our home fellowship, I saw 3 visions that I have decided to share this morning. They were oil bubbling up out of the ground. Veins of gold (Not nuggets) appearing. And the third was gemstones being recovered. I also saw meadows of blooming flowers. Prior to this I had seen a disk harrow upturning the ground. Continue reading Preparation Of The Fields

Hidden Value Being Revealed

Over time if you pay attention to things you will soon learn the value of  something. But not all value is out in the open, staring you in the face.

leejohndrowteamYesterday I read of a man who went through a difficult time. His response  was he grabbed his metal detector and went treasure hunting. A short while  later under 6 inches of dirt he found an 87 ounce piece of gold. Estimated  to be worth $135,000 he said he would not take less than $200,000 for it. Continue reading Hidden Value Being Revealed

Treasures In The Trash by Pam Potter

Pam PotterWhat treasures are in your trash?

We recently closed on a house we had purchased as a flip. Before renovations began, as I was sweeping the floors I kept finding nickels. Seriously, nickels everywhere. To the point where it was beyond coincidence. So…I thought “okay, Lord, I’ll take it. You are pouring out your grace upon this project.” Thank you Jesus! Continue reading Treasures In The Trash by Pam Potter

Your Influence Shapes Your Legacy

My friend Darryl.
My friend Darryl.

Last night the wife of an old friend came by to visit. Martha and I go back a long ways. Her husband, Darryl and her were influential in my life for many a year in ministry, before he had a stoke, subsequently passing a way some time later. It was so good to see her and her travel companion, Joan. Continue reading Your Influence Shapes Your Legacy

Find A Field And Put Gold In It

What if...
What if…

I find myself so easily enthralled with what is good. And so desperately engaged by “what is wrong”. What is good where I live is more what I seek than what is not. It is not about being an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand, but being caught up in the good that is there. Continue reading Find A Field And Put Gold In It

Treasure Hunting Can Be Work

leejohndrowteamTonight a dear friend was gracious enough to allow me to go treasure hunting. It had been many years since I took a metal detector out to a field and just walked around. How much different are they than they were 30 years ago. (And thirty years ago you could not tell the difference between a coin and TV dinner tray!)

So armed with one of the latest models of metal detectors and a little instruction, we headed to different parts of the meadow. It was only moments before the tones started indicating metal. First a nail… Continue reading Treasure Hunting Can Be Work

The Portals Are You – Today Is the Day


Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

Houston-We have liftoff

“If you guys can go to the other side of Houston, I can have you on your way home”, the dispatcher said. Home…we had not been to Vermont for nearly 6 weeks. As we left the truck stop, with the idea of a load going home, everything seemed to be going right. I climbed into the passenger seat and began to rest.

Continue reading The Portals Are You – Today Is the Day

More Uncovered Ships!

leejohndrowteamMore hidden treasure appears.

The Santa Maria is thought to be uncovered off the coast of Haiti. Christopher Columbus’ largest ship of the three. (Spanish for The Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception)

Revelation is the uncovering of that which is hidden. (Every time I read my Bible I find something new!)

“All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence strongly suggests that this wreck is Columbus’ famous flagship, the Santa Maria,” said the leader of a recent reconnaissance expedition to the site, one of America’s top underwater archaeological investigators, Barry Clifford. Continue reading More Uncovered Ships!

Treasure Hunt For The Gold

leejohndrowteamThe treasure hunt began. It was near the center of Keene where I live. I watched people going out into the fields where once had stood buildings and homes. Their metal detectors pinging and beeping they quickly covered wide swaths of the area. Every so often one would stoop down and dig something up from the ground. Sometimes a soda can tab, sometimes a utensil but every so often I heard the yelps of joy as a piece of jewelry or coin appeared.

And the kids, they were gathering all types of rocks and minerals and pieces that they were finding. Buckets were fast becoming full. Continue reading Treasure Hunt For The Gold