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Rough Times In Our Lives

leejohndrowteamI sat here this morning thinking of the pain someone I had known for years was going through. A rough patch. A part of me was “glad” that it was not me. The rest of me had a heart that began to feel their pain as my mind recounted the times I had seen pain of that nature. Continue reading Rough Times In Our Lives

Repair At Ground Level

roadrunnerI had a dream where I had just taken on a new job and people decided it was their time to prank me. To make fun of me by filing false contracts (No one is buying 2,388 cars today, I am pretty sure of it…)Throughout the dream I had to reach out and uncover the “fraud” of clients and the pranks of fun loving folks. Much of “my time” was spent determining what was truth and what was not. My skills were high, but a few still tried to get things by me. Continue reading Repair At Ground Level

Wanted – Discernment For The Win

preachingatvillageYears ago I came to the conclusion that if you persevered, you could change outcomes. That if you were strategic you could set things in motion. I even went through a stage, where I made up words-my friends called them Lee-isms. Sometimes phrases. Overtime I came to see two phrases used nationally. And the more influence one develops or the more catchy the phrase, the more likely it is to be accepted. Continue reading Wanted – Discernment For The Win

Maybe, Just Maybe We Are Readying For A Gold Rush

trashWhen you have lots of dreams you often wonder what is for you, what is pizza and what has relevance to others. Last night was a night where I had some 10 dreams. This was after not thinking I had really seen a dream for 2 days. Continue reading Maybe, Just Maybe We Are Readying For A Gold Rush

The Spirit Of Freedom Real Conversations

handsheadEach one of the came to the table. They had each been plotting against the company. They had been exposed. Brought out into the light. Their deeds had gone unnoticed for a very long time. One of them was the son of one of the executives. Life sure looked different from their end of the table. The local TV station was covering the end of their underhanded deeds. The company immediately saw their stock rise and their morale change.

The guilty men had for a long time worked behind the scenes performing acts of destruction and bringing pain to the company. Their reasons were many, but for the most part they “could” and that fueled them. As time had gone on what had begun as a game to see if they could get away with small pranks became a “no holds barred” war against the company. Continue reading The Spirit Of Freedom Real Conversations

Experiencing Grace Truth and Love

Ajesus-and-mary2s the world of Facebook, Reddit and news blew up over the VMA’s and Miley Cyrus, my heart was crushed. As a dad, I can only imagine the parent’s internal responses to all of the news. The finger pointing, the accusations and the pain. Does anyone ever really comprehend how hurtful legalism and gossip really are? (I am pretty sure my own children did some pretty dumb things. I never stopped loving them. Ask them. I never waffled about grace, truth and love, but loved them. ) Is it really what she wore? What she did? Or just that unlike so many bound in the church, you just happened to see it? Continue reading Experiencing Grace Truth and Love

Three Dreams July 26th 2013

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Last night I was in the dream “washing” machine. Dream after dream. Thought after thought. These are three that I thought were relevant.

1-The first dream I found myself avoiding those who had evil thoughts for my life. In my possession, I had the secrets of a world to come on a 9” floppy disk.  (Upon waking my first thought, was my grandson’s digital watch holds more information!) “Detrimental truths” of the goodness of the Lord were upon it. The realities of Christ described. Continue reading Three Dreams July 26th 2013

Present In Truth

Romans 8:22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

As I read that, there is something truly “present” in what is said. This is not afar, but a present reality. It goes on to tell us that in this hope we were saved. A reality. “Now hope that is seen is not hope.” We know our salvation is there, so is not the completion of something done, and something new upon us?

We have been held back by a future thought process, that seems to not be truth. I recognize that adoption speaks of a maturity(30 years, -“this is my son, whom I am well pleased in.”) or an age, but I think we need to relegate some things to their proper places.
In the scriptures as Jesus heads back to deal with the “Lazarus issue” Martha comes to him with a “past glory” thinking. “If you had been here…” Mary dealt with a future glory, “the son of God who is COMING into the world.” They missed a very present reality. Jesus was not the hope to come, or the glory past, but the glory manifest in their midst.

Lazarus(God help us!) in a grave cloth, bound hand and foot. How did he get out?

It is tie we realized the presence of the presence and walk in the operation of a present reality. A maturity simply because WE ARE! It is time for us to “unbind” them.