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What Are You Thinking?

leejohndrowteamEvery time I open Facebook or Twitter there are the proverbial “one liners”. I think there is a part of me that wonders as to whether the one liners are the dumbing down of humanity or humanity preceded with the dumbed down.

Which came first? Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

donttalkWisdom and revelation

I sat here this morning and read the news. Ferguson, Cosby and Gruber. At first, I thought what is in a name. (A whole path in itself.) But because I had been up early thinking about a particular topic I thought I had a glimmer of where I might head. Reading the news just convinced me “why let facts get in the way”. A former publisher, I had witnessed one too many “why let truth get in the way of a good story”. Continue reading Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

Can Facebook Change Your Mood? Overcoming!

A few days ago I read an article that “Facebook can change your mood”. I thought about it. People can really change your life. Now before I go any further let me say I do not believe the answer is”run away to a tropical island” though in light of the long winter here in New England, that might not be so bad.

People are important. A long time ago in our church fellowship I paraphrased the Gerber ad, “people are our business, our only business.” So, what is the answer? Leave Facebook? Run away? How about choices of friends? Continue reading Can Facebook Change Your Mood? Overcoming!

To Be Or Not To Be … More Than A Question

changeThe woman met me at the door of the church building. Dressed in red, she was beautiful but “sad”. She seemed a little miffed that I had taken so long to get there. She barked at me “you are wearing sandals?” I looked at my feet and said “hmmm…I guess I am.” She continued to block the door.

I had just crossed the meadow from our dormitory at the church property. I had no pressing engagement. Continue reading To Be Or Not To Be … More Than A Question

Duck Dynasty and A & E

prddI read with great interest the debate that blossomed yesterday over the statements Phil Robertson made and A & E pulling him off from the show.

I like him and the show. I may not agree with things that he says from time to time, but that is his right and my right. And any conversation I might have would probably not be seen flashed across the pages of Facebook and Twitter. (I wrote my letter to A& E.)

One of the best comments posted was by his granddaughter, Sadie. “Prayer is the best conversation of the day. It’s better to go to God before taking it to someone else.” Continue reading Duck Dynasty and A & E