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Who’s Side Are You On?

Last night as I read about the ongoing stirrings in Ukraine, the position of England and the United States towards Russia right now and a few other skirmishes about the world, I was brought back to a time in my life as a youth. It was the time of the Vietnam War. A brutal time in our country’s history. Polarization, fear and a misunderstanding of so many things.

I began to share some of that time with my grandchildren. My grandson Jordan is beginning to study the war. (Wonder what spin that will get in a public school?) So a conversation began. I was surprised how much “it brought up in me”. Continue reading Who’s Side Are You On?

The Spirit Of Freedom Real Conversations

handsheadEach one of the came to the table. They had each been plotting against the company. They had been exposed. Brought out into the light. Their deeds had gone unnoticed for a very long time. One of them was the son of one of the executives. Life sure looked different from their end of the table. The local TV station was covering the end of their underhanded deeds. The company immediately saw their stock rise and their morale change.

The guilty men had for a long time worked behind the scenes performing acts of destruction and bringing pain to the company. Their reasons were many, but for the most part they “could” and that fueled them. As time had gone on what had begun as a game to see if they could get away with small pranks became a “no holds barred” war against the company. Continue reading The Spirit Of Freedom Real Conversations

What About Benghazi And Our Prayers

whitehouseWhat about Benghazi? What about those who lost their lives? What about those who are in danger now?

I recorded the following video because I believe the Lord has spoken to me about how I am to respond.

There are many sites today which are showing the pictures of all the emails that were sent to the White House during the attack in Benghazi.

From a political perspective I am very upset and as a parent and grandparent and one who has been a citizen of the United States, I am disturbed, disappointed and concerned. It is not up to me to decide what must be done here. I believe that those who are in charge will recognize what is to be done. Meanwhile… Continue reading What About Benghazi And Our Prayers