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Results More Than Reasons


kids drawingAs the young child stretched forth his hand the baby came to life. No longer blue in color, but quickly recovering and having color restored the child began to coo softly. Life had returned. What was it that brought such instantaneous change to the dead baby? Was it faith? Was it it Jesus? The mystery of the ages? Continue reading Results More Than Reasons

Pre-Christians and You

trumpetYesterday I made a note to others that I thought this was the time where God was going to change people who we had prayed for, been in contact with, etc.. He was making them aware of His love. They were “coming in!” Little did I know that one of my “encounters” would be a woman whom I have never met, but knew of her through her spouse who had worked with me.

Last night a message to me indicated a conversation with her daughter that had left her troubled over the issue of heaven. Her daughter did not want to go. The little girl is 5 and I would ask that you would pray for her. We went back and forth. It was hard for me, because I do not type fast, do not know her, but just kept relying on God and saw her crying. Moments later. Continue reading Pre-Christians and You

A Carousel, A Merry-Go-Round, Have We Been Here Before?

Ttrumpethe Carousel

I awoke this morning with anticipation in my heart. Something powerful in the air.  (A friend said “Say that again in your deep, suspenseful movie trailer voice.”) But after yesterday and the encounter I had…Only to find out my wife at roughly the same time was going through a similar encounter miles away. So much so, her co-worker had to talk to about “what was different.”

In the middle of the night I awoke hearing a song playing over and over in my head. Over and over the verses came into my mind until they were so loud I felt I had entered into a realm of heaven for lack of any better thought process. I saw “heaven coming to earth.” In those next few moments I felt a fresh understanding of Matthew 6:10. Of Him and all that He entails, here on earth. “I have made You too small in my eyes” was my thinking. Continue reading A Carousel, A Merry-Go-Round, Have We Been Here Before?