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An Update From The Home Front

2013-12-07 07.11.30A lot of folks have asked how we are doing with all the changes, so I am giving you a general update.

So what is life looking like overall?

New Place To Live

Our new apartment is great! A shade smaller, but much more homey. The family loves it. So much quieter. So much healthier. It looks like Christmas. Nice yard area. Yep!


Ministry is shifting for both of us. Tina is leading a women’s group they have called Embrace Your Call. She continues to deal with the more “difficult” ministry of game night. I am working more with the prophetic side of life at the Village.


Our grandchildren are doing well. Many really good things are going on. My three oldest grandchildren are here nearly every weekend and so I get to hang out a lot with them. I see Naomi at least once a week. Hannah a couple of times a month. The newest baby is a few months away. Keep watching!

I am excited that I see most of my children a couple of times a month.

My Wife’s Job Loss

A few weeks ago my wife was laid off from her job. After many years of being a loyal employee the loyalty was “repaid” by keeping the new employee. (Just this past week a friend of mine lost his job of 27 years.)

Someone asked me what it is like to have her home. Well, in some respects it is like we are on vacation without the vacation.

People often make plans but when we project answers we get in trouble. Here we thought, “we move, I get a job, life is good!”

So, we are continuing to find our walk together while we are in the same house.

A lot of her day is devoted to finding work. That means she needs our computer. Which means we have to work out a schedule that is feasible to both of us.

We are both seeking work.

So that is the long and short of it. Life is exciting. We are readying for the holidays and Christmas is in view. Looking forward to friends, family and food!

We appreciate you!


Update October 1st 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

A number of updates!

For starters this week will be my 21st anniversary of being married to Tina! Yay! 21 years ago in Rutland Vermont we gave our lives to one another.

The book on interrupted process. I have just received the blue penciled edited version and am devoting this week to making the corrections and adding the suggestions. Sabina has been doing a wonderful job lining up my “un-aligned” thinking! She has devoted a lot of time to making me look better than I am in print. Once I get it finalized I will be sharing it with a few friends as well as returning it to Sabina for the hopeful final edit. Continue reading Update October 1st 2013

Update August 21st 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

Today I devoted a lot of time to prayer. Not because I had to but because it was just one of those days.


  • Interrupted Process
    I have completed 90% with waiting to see what changes will be required. I know not everyone speaks “lee” and probably should not be required to!
  • Prophetic Manuals
    A friend and fellow prophetic voice has offered to work with me in the process of organizing and getting manuals 101-2-3-4 done. Thankful!
  • The Drones Of Heaven
    It continues to sell and I am thinking I am going to upgrade it soon. Available on ITunes and more.
  • Podcast
    The new podcast system is working well and have been listened to more than 60 times in the first 2 days.
  • Help
    Someone has offered to assemble into book form my writings.

Thankful for those coming alongside to help.

Personal Update August 9th 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

Let me just say today is really more personal than it is helpful or educational. It also contains updates on what is coming up.

I awoke somewhere around 4AM finding myself praying out loud. No dream led up to it and I really did not have anything in my mind at the time. Life is like that. We find ourselves in situations that are funny, sad, hard or easy all the time. Continue reading Personal Update August 9th 2013

Shelf Life-Sometimes The Best Things In Life Are But For A Season.

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

For a long time I have said there is a shelf life to things like music, prophecy, beliefs even. The things that are eternal have no shelf life. (By the way “shelf life” simply means that the season of anointing, of grace, of glory has lifted or expired.) The things of legacy, timeless. We cannot live in the past. (Though we must look back in the past to the cross to see our place now. I do not want old slower computers or heavy TV’s or no cell phone.) Continue reading Shelf Life-Sometimes The Best Things In Life Are But For A Season.

July 20, 2013 Update A catalog of blog posts

An update for you!
An update for you!

July 20, 2013 Update

A catalog of blog posts
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July 14th Update
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A Vision On June 29th The Tension Of Light

Update June 20, 2013

The last few weeks I have been in “full court” press to get pages in my book cleaned up and ready for my friend who has agreed to edit. As of yesterday I passed the 30 page mark, completing 2 of the 6 “ideas” or chapters.

I confess it is easier to write than it is to be organized. Give me a topic. Give me an hour. Come back and take it with you. I thought when I came back from my daughter’s wedding in April I would just jump in and get it done. The book is on interrupted process, but it is clear, I should have written on “it is finished” or something like that!

Having beautiful weather makes it that much harder. I have to do the “delayed gratification” in my life. I will not go outside for a motorcycle ride until I am done with this page, chapter or sentence. Add in family and life gets more difficult. I have been in the middle.

So, I am working on pulling together a chapter a day. I figure I am about halfway to where I want to be. Still working on the prophetic manual, working on another book sporadically that has to do with where you live. I really believe that once I get this book finalized life will be easier. This is learning curve 101.

The last few weeks have been harder. Flat tires, car accidents and friends and family going through some things have increased the difficulties of getting things done.

My next few weeks include Alyssa’s birthday (June 20), school out for kids, Amy’s reception in Connecticut, baby any day with Ty & Em, my birthday (July 3rd-consider joining us!), Amy’s birthday (July 10th) and Tina’s birthday on July 12th. Add in teaching a class, visitors from church and motorcycling and like everyone else, life is busy! (Add in a job offer I have been considering…)

I wanted to bring folks up to date on the book and life in general.

Thanks for your support!