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A Season TO Change Is Here

leejohndrowteamThis morning I felt the words “season of change” come from no where. Wait! It was the season TO change.

Many people will experience seasons OF change. Those changes may or may not be implemented by choice. You may have had nothing to do with it. Some of those reasons might be good. Some not so. Continue reading A Season TO Change Is Here

“I Am Breaking Off The Familiar”

Life-has-no-remote-Get-up-and-change-it-yourselfThis morning I awoke a little later than normal. It frustrated me. Part of the reason was Tina had fallen asleep downstairs looking at pictures and praying. It was “quieter” than normal. When I came down and sent her off to sleep, I heard the word, “familiar”. The Lord said “I am breaking off the familiar”. I am not talking about spirits but familiar, “foot warn” paths we have carved in our walk. So deep we do it by rote. We do not look up or down. In fact we know every step, every response, every answer. Truth be told some of the paths for many have become a “rut”. Now a rut in my mind is simply a coffin with the ends kicked out. Continue reading “I Am Breaking Off The Familiar”

A Springboard To Faith

heargod2This has been a week where faith has become the big topic. (Well, that and don’t let fear rock your boat.)For me one of my widest read articles this month was my article on faith. Faith is somewhat the “holy grail” of the church. People talk about it like it is mystery. And yet, at it’s core it is simply believing that which you see to be truth. Continue reading A Springboard To Faith

Choosing To Go Over

leejohndrowteamLast night a good friend called me. Ironically I was headed to bed, having already fallen asleep earlier, sometime around 7. (It was a l-o-n-g day.) But we had not spoken for a long time. His wife has been dealing with some pretty unusual sickness issues. I wanted to bring comfort and so I stayed up. On some levels it was more for me than for him.

A lot of our conversation was focused on the “next” step. I needed that. Continue reading Choosing To Go Over

The Victory Is Mine!

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

If there is one thing I have figured out about the Lord is He loves a winner. But His method and manner of getting a winner often begins with one who has lost a time or two. Or is too small. Or too weak. But somehow the miracle working power of the Almighty Himself changes a person into a winner. He takes the normal everyday life of a man or woman and supercharges it. Continue reading The Victory Is Mine!

Gaining Ground- Seeing The Kingdom In Your Life

leejohndrowteamWhile on a walk I thought about all of those who are seeing their current situation as “all there is” to life. But life is lived from heaven!

That understanding will change your view and your perspective about daily circumstances.

The victory has been given to you. You are “more than an over comer” because He was the over comer! And all that He accomplished was done with you in mind.

Today changes when you become aware of that reality. His reality is more real than yours!


Which Way Do You Lean?

preachingatvillageThis past weekend I had the privilege to speak in our local fellowship, The Village Church. But whether I preached or not, I would not change the fact that I believe people can live better, freer and wiser in their lives just by changing their “dependency”. Their dependency? Yes. Where their dependency is on is where they receive advice, counsel and understanding.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. Continue reading Which Way Do You Lean?

Show Up, Go Up, Grow Up And Sow Up

leejohndrowteamA few days the Lord revealed a phrase. I thought I was going to share it some place specific. But so far not yet. I even thought I would write about it before now, but that was not the case either. Up early this morn and thinking so we shall see what happens.

Originally I heard “go up, grow up and sow up” I thought and I guess it is important not to blow up or throw up! As I meditated on it and said it out loud I heard different things. In the beginning I thought the “sow up” was to give something tangible “upward” but the more I contemplated it the more I realized it was likely to mean complete something to result in being “all sown up”. Continue reading Show Up, Go Up, Grow Up And Sow Up

Pick Up A Toothpick!

Armed with not much more than a tooth pick he went to war. What would cause a man to defend or to engage in warfare of this sort? Obviously overpowered he won. 600 men dead in his wake.

Sometimes the people you meet will surprise you beyond your wildest imagination.

Judges 3:31 After Ehud came Shamgar son of Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. He too saved Israel. Continue reading Pick Up A Toothpick!

Going Through The Mill – Flour In The Making

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Are you going through the mill? (Do you feel flatter than a pancake?)

Last night as we gathered to pray for needs, encouragement, people far and near, I saw and began to describe the “victory” party I saw. In my spirit I felt this was a time of celebration. (A while later my wife saw three images; a stack of rings, confetti and a butterfly net, and what struck me was that she saw confetti falling out of the sky and a “butterfly” net to capture it.) If there is victory in heaven then there is victory in our lives, and just as the celebration of God and His goodness is in heavenly places, so ought we to consider the same in the earth. CELEBRATION!

So many are going through the mill that I have been drawn to pray for lately, seeking an answer.  Why is my question. Where is the victory? And last night as I was praying, I began to see the following. (I was praying I think for one, but felt over the night it was more widespread as I received revelation.) Continue reading Going Through The Mill – Flour In The Making