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My Family Church, The Village Church

leejohndrowteamSomeone asked me what I think makes our church culture different.

The following are my views and only my views. They are not representative of everyone’s beliefs or experiences. Simply mine. Our core values and thinking can be viewed here.

The fast answer is honor of one another, the love for one another and the fact that we are family.

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A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!

trumpetI have been away for a few days in West Virginia, enjoying the company of friends. It was an amazing time. Spending time away is always difficult away from family. It is made easier by the fact that I encountered some simply awesome people. My list is partial in the sense I will not remember all that I met. But I am thankful to the ministry of folks like Lynn Hiles, Roger Legg, Bob Smith, Dan Keistler and oh, so many more. Southern hospitality, superb teaching and fellowship. It just warms my heart. Continue reading A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!

Legacy Must Be In The Air

Worship Mentoring at Village
Worship Mentoring at  The Village Church

The Lord has really put the thought process of legacy in my heart over the years. When I spoke on Sunday, I talked about it some. When I looked at the destruction of my home, I was again brought back to the thought of legacy. And earlier this week I wrote about legacy.

Last night after prayer at Village I went in and watched the worship team in their practice. The best part for me was to watch two young girls join the worship team in preparation for this weekend. One may be 10 years old and the other is younger. One of the worship leaders sat in a chair behind them to instruct them and give them encouragement.

To me that is the epitome of what I am talking about. A real mentor will be behind the scene. A true parent will be coaching, instructing their child in preparation for their own adult life.

So, I was encouraged to come home and find this post by a friend, Lynn Hiles.

Parents if you want to be your child’s friend now you will have to be there parent later. If you will be there parent now you can be there friend later. The Kingdom does not come from the White House it comes from your house. I am still a firm believer in the power of family and local church. The kingdom is the organic result.

There is a shirt that says “Parenting is not for cowards.” How true. If you are going to be a good parent you will have to get involved in your children; good, bad and ugly. The same is true for legacy. 25 year olds…in 10 years, if you are not already, you will most likely, be married, settled somewhere with a career going forward. You will not be doing what you are doing now. My question is  will you begin to put yourself out of a job? In church, you may be a worship leader or a Sunday school teacher. Who are you bringing alongside as your replacement? In social life, you may coach or instruct young people. Who is your mentoree? Mentoring is part of having a destiny.

One of the reasons I get frustrated with the “destiny” talk is because to accomplish something you often need to leave something. Too often folks are caught up in the “me” and not the “them.” While a church leader can replace the worship leader or the Sunday school teacher who may leave, seeing the legacy of your good works and your investment, flawlessly moving to another, enhances not only their lives but is enriching yours. It is the stuff destiny is made out of.

I have seen the difficulties of flawed mentoring and coaching models. In the world they are often people placed in lives, but the church has the ability to embrace the family idea. It is always a good time to come alongside.

As I watched my friend Heather, coaching last night during worship, I thought that really is the picture on so many levels. She moved down to their level. Getting eye to eye (One of the greatest photography difficulties I have seen over the years is the person shooting down on a child. Get down to their level. Kneel, crawl or lie down. You will be amazed!) meant she could see them and they could see her. She sat behind them helping them along the way. The long term goal is for you to no longer be visible in so many areas. Seated, giving them their turn, their opportunity.

I love reading about legacy and all that it entails. Over the years a couple of my spiritual dads sowed the works of John Maxwell into my life. If you are interested in truly building a legacy whether in the church, business or personal, you may be interested in starting here

Live life with intent and the idea that everything you choose is and will be important. Not everyone will accept what you have to offer, but I assure you thee is the young man or woman, who identifies with you on some level.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”  Shannon L. Elder



A Couple Of Dreams & A Thought

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

This morning I awoke from two intense dreams. (Earlier in the night I had a few dreams, traveling to places “unknown.” Prepare ye the way of the Lord!) Dreams often bring about encounter with the Lord and what he is doing in lives. (Often a great way to travel without a passport!)

The first is for the Village “people.” Mark asked me to take the microphone and share something. As I walked to the end of the aisle and around, I realized that all the chairs were near the front and that looking back it was a “sea of humanity.” The room was crushingly full. I had only inches between the “altar rail” and the front row. (BTW-Chris-there was a new speaker system!) While walking I felt the floor was “squishy” and as I started to look down, I felt Him say tell them not to “look down.” It reminded me of the passages in Numbers 21. (Keep preaching the finished work and ALL that it entails!) As I went to share, I felt the Lord say “you are the embodiment of Christ.” As I began to share and thank God for that revelation, the crush got more intense. There was a change in the atmosphere and people were being healed in the “crush.” I sensed all eyes on Him.

The next was with regard to the Catalyst training. “Why do we need training? Who cares?” The answer I felt in the dreams had to do with teaching our hands to war. What I saw was the Lord was connected to each person in a special way, and as each person danced or moved their hands it was like a heavenly ballet of sorts, choreographed by the One! When the word was coming forth to train, people felt “parts” being sown into their being, into their  arms and legs. Creativity and activity were  being manifested. That which did not move, was moving. I felt the Lord saying that each one is created for His work. That the Lord is using Catalyst to release the creativity, the warfare and the body of the Word in the region.

So…I sense others received similar dreams last night. I would be interested in hearing!