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The Price Is Right Hearing

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The building had been reduced to $187,000 from $330,000 during negotiations. The question was, would we be prudent to continue to seek a better price (Possibly losing it.) or ought we consider this price? As we sat around the table and had the discussion, some of us were challenged with the bigger picture, was this what we needed to do? Yes, it expanded our hand print into the city. Yes, it was a good building in good shape. Yes, clearly the value was there for us. Continue reading The Price Is Right Hearing

The Cry Of The Voiceless

heargod2I sat there and stared at the paper. There were lots of words that had received bold type. As I read through it, I thought, “why”. Why the emphasis? Clearly this was an added thought, not relevant to the original paper. In fact, it detracted from the original theme of what had been written. It caused things to lose context. To lose meaning. Continue reading The Cry Of The Voiceless