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The Weaponry Of His People

who-are-youInterruptions,missed turns and plans changing. All part of the life we lead, the life we walk in. Some of it is demonic, some serendipity, some just…well, change. Continue reading The Weaponry Of His People

The Consequences Are Real

Beating the odds
Beating the odds

In my dream last night I was called to inspect military systems of deployment of weaponry. Most specifically these systems dealt with observation, reconnaissance and utilization of weapons. The systems were run by folks who were settled away in underground bunkers. Continue reading The Consequences Are Real

A Fire In New England

goodnewsMany are looking for a fresh word. Are you? I mentioned that yesterday because at best the vessel of prophetic can be viewed with disdain or wrongful allegiance. People often times either love or hate the prophetic. Some may be out of ignorance, some out of having been manipulated or hurt by it.

Many years ago I was in a meeting with a man who became a dear friend over the years. We were talking about how hard it was at that point in time to get a meeting and prophesy because so many had been involved in bad prophecy or “lone ranger” prophetic. (“Hey, if you don’t like me a pox upon your house” mentality by various prophetic voices had sparked resistance.) I myself had faced many the prophet who spoke negative words, words of condemnation and a revelation of “sin” in lives. Continue reading A Fire In New England

Going To War – A Time Of Prayer, Declaration and Decree

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

I had concluded last night that today I was going to war. Going to war in the fight against injustice. Against wrongdoings. A time of prayer, declaration and decree. I want to be clear I am not going against people. (Ephesians 6) We do not battle people but the devil and dark angels. BUT, we are “battling” a defeated foe. And we battle from a high position, seated with God.

Today is the birthday of my youngest son, Matthew. I am excited for him and all that he has accomplished. (I am excited for all my kids!) In many respects he is the product of “war.” Headed to a Buddhist monastery he had set his sights on, he gave up his possessions and was readying to leave. That prior weekend I had come to the conclusion that this would not, could not, happen on my “watch.” I devoted a time of war and engagement to him. A series of incredible miracles occurred before the end of the week, the most amazing being his salvation that Friday night. Continue reading Going To War – A Time Of Prayer, Declaration and Decree

The Weapons Of Our Warfare – A Vision Of Understanding

Ghost Battleship - U.S.S. Texas (You may want to read up on this...)
Ghost Battleship – U.S.S. Texas (You may want to read up on this…)

This morning I had a vision of large hand with a wrench in it. The hand brought the wrench to a bolt coming out of the bottom of the vision. As the wrench connected with the large nut on the bolt and began to loosen it, the vision began to pull back. The nuts and bolts were holding down the base of a large gun on a ship. Continue reading The Weapons Of Our Warfare – A Vision Of Understanding