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Environmental Concerns

What if...
What if…

The last few days since the rioting in our community on Saturday, I began a series of what changes a child to cause them to go do wrongful things. I want to know why things happen. I want to examine cause and effect. One of the things I run into on a regular basis is what I can only call “environmental concerns”. Just as I have begun to examine the life of a child and show the march that leads to moral bankruptcy, I often examine everything. I was “that” kid who asked why at every corner. Not only did I plague my parents and grandparents, but I often caused discomfort amongst teachers and educators. (If you could not tell me the “why” I would find out. And I grew up with the wild expectation you ought to be able to show me.) When I wanted my science project to be a rabbit living under the water and they told me know, that was not the right thing, I assure you. I did it anyways. I would go to museums and questions docents about everything. Yep, I was definitely that kid.

Don’t you want to know “why Johnny can’t read”? I do.

I have been the same with God. I am looking for answers. I want to know why somethings work and why others don’t. I do it at work, church and at home. I answer questions with questions to get to the root of things.

So, why is this important? Because our response to things creates and environment. Our knowledge of things determines our walk, our pathway.

What creates environment in the natural? It is a host of things, but essentially geography, climate and weather and whatever is in the ground. If you live further north it is cooler. Further south warmer until you hit the equator. If you are near water like a lake or an ocean you air quality has more moisture. Near a desert, less moisture. And natural chemicals can cause disturbances in the air or the atmosphere. Things that cause problems are called environmental concerns. A factory chugging out black smoke. Chemicals in the water. Get rid of the concerns and you are environmentally sound.

Our world in the spirit is much the same. Things that begin in the spirit manifest in the natural. Healing is of God for instance. Paid for by Him with 39 stripes. If healing and wholeness are in heaven and we can manifest it here on earth(As it says in the scripture.) we change the environment.

We do contend with natural factors. Some years ago I was in my home breathing. The next I wasn’t. It was determined that black mold had overtaken my home from contractor error and changed the air quality. Environmentally changed my home. (We could not stem the damage that had been done and lost our home.)

If you allow too much noise in your life your sleep patterns will be disrupted. Sleep is an important part of good health, both natural and spiritual. A house filled with smoke would cause fits of coughing.

The same is true with evil or destructive things. If you continue to yell at someone (Or be yelled at.) you will change their spiritual atmosphere or be changed yourself. Many things affect a spiritual environment. They might be anger or rudeness. Perversity or lust. Addiction or jealousy. Gossip or tale bearing.

Where does one begin on the environmental concern list? I believe you first take authority over you. Remove the destruction. If you are addicted or angry, hand it over to the Lord. Begin to partner with Him. First and foremost with the knowledge He set you free. Begin to allow the cleansing of the Lord to take place. Secondly you will want to work on your physical living space. Too often we allow things to come in, both spiritual and natural into our living space and it changes the atmosphere of our home. Again, by the leading and instruction of the Lord. And after that we get to undertake community.

I mentioned that geography is one of the determining factors of environment. And so it is with spirituality. To know you are seated in heavenly or high places is important. It determines your response to things. It is not necessarily an elevation or height, so much as it is a dimension (For it is at hand.)or a place. We are told heaven is in us and about us. Knowing you are seated is important. It is one of the beginning factors for overturning natural environments.

Climate is another factor. What we are near or live by spiritually is important to our environment. What about that river of life? What about that wellspring? What are the attitudes or standards of those about you? That is climate as well.

And finally what is the weather? What is in the air? (Remember we are talking spiritual.) What is changing it? Is it a cool rain or warm breeze? Or is it coldness or arid airs? What are people placing in the “air”?

The other day a friend of mine asked this question, “if you could choose between 65 degree weather year round and what we have now (all seasons including our winters) what would you pick?” My answer is founded on heaven. What does heaven look like? Can we establish that here?

The rioting has brought anger, rudeness, discouragement and more. Someone needs to change it. How do we change it? First ourself. Then our home and then we enter the community.

When I was in school one of my projects was the impact of chemicals in the environment. I followed city buses, climbed smoking stacks and took water samples from local rivers. Things were affected? Died even. The same is true with spiritual things. Allowing spiritual harshness on any level begins to change your chemistry, your makeup. Think long and hard before you succumb to jealousy or anger. Gossip or talebearing.

The kingdom of God is at hand. It can change the weather, the climate and of course, the environment.