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The Opening Of The Presents

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

We hear of it, we prophesy of it and then it happens. As a prophetic person I see things all the time. I find that my take on life is “colored” by my function or gift mix. Each person has a bend or a bent like that. And when we get to employ it, it is what we call being in the groove. We could not miss for trying. We need the gifts or the functions to work together and introduce the world to the risen Christ.

I said yesterday morning, “Despise not small beginnings. There is something new and something getting ready to happen.” I arrived at our church fellowship like any other Sunday. But I kept having this “nagging” feeling like something was happening. But our monthly family gathering of my 5 children and their children was overshadowing it a little. I was not cued in. But, I kept thinking of it, like “what was I missing”. Continue reading The Opening Of The Presents

Atmospheres Are What you Make Them

2014-03-15 11.16.51I awoke today feeling a little “disconnected”. I am not sure the cause but something feels different. Even though, as I have for over 20 plus years, awoke with a song running in the background and people on my heart. That part is the same. But I thought about people who are “missing” out on His goodness because of fear. Continue reading Atmospheres Are What you Make Them

Well, Well, Well…What Do We Have Here?

wellsPray For The Wells

This morning I was pondering various things having been praying for various situations and friends. As I sat down with a cup of coffee and was reading a note from a friend about a word, I heard “Pray For The Wells.”


As I sat and thought, I thought why is He saying it “that way”? Continue reading Well, Well, Well…What Do We Have Here?

A Fire In New England

goodnewsMany are looking for a fresh word. Are you? I mentioned that yesterday because at best the vessel of prophetic can be viewed with disdain or wrongful allegiance. People often times either love or hate the prophetic. Some may be out of ignorance, some out of having been manipulated or hurt by it.

Many years ago I was in a meeting with a man who became a dear friend over the years. We were talking about how hard it was at that point in time to get a meeting and prophesy because so many had been involved in bad prophecy or “lone ranger” prophetic. (“Hey, if you don’t like me a pox upon your house” mentality by various prophetic voices had sparked resistance.) I myself had faced many the prophet who spoke negative words, words of condemnation and a revelation of “sin” in lives. Continue reading A Fire In New England