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The Way Of An Eagle

leejohndrowteamYesterday I had the opportunity to take a canoe ride with my daughter Amy. A father daughter time. She jokingly said, “do I have to paddle” and I said “no”.

At first she was afraid as the canoe made noise, shuddering with each paddle stroke and the wind picking up as we got into open waters. But soon she relaxed and we were talking. We talked about business and family, but then I saw an eagle soaring in the winds. Continue reading The Way Of An Eagle

On My Own – Seasons Of Greatness

2014-03-15 11.16.51“Dad, please let me drive the boat,” I asked. I was 8 years old and my parents had a new boat. A 16 foot aluminum boat with a 50 horsepower motor. “Please,” I begged. And then one day my father said “yes.” As soon as he said it, my mom picked her stuff up off the cement platform that the boathouse rolled out on. She told my father he was “crazy.” (She later told me she went up in the woods to pray.) I jumped into the boat, hardly listening to my father’s instructions. The next beach over was a private beach owned by a motel. The people looked over as I climbed into the driver’s seat. Continue reading On My Own – Seasons Of Greatness

The Wind Whispers…

leejohndrowteamI found myself in a third world country in my dream. (Sorry to disappoint the naysayers and doom and gloomers, but it was NOT the USA!) I felt it was an island I had been sent to. I thought there is a lot of turmoil here. We need to batten down the hatches in this building. The building was not every strong. The main part of the house was like an adobe or “weak” cement. But there were large windows and a porch that were the main entrance and the door was not really a door. As night I approached I decided to secure the building to the best of my ability. I used wired to tie doors and windows to the frame next to them. I “booby trapped” the area coming in to the best of my ability. Continue reading The Wind Whispers…

The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing

jazzDream 1242104

I walked in the jazz store. I expected to find lots of cool jazz CD’s, even old records, but what I found was a very trendy looking store with lots of cheap gifts. There were fake scrimshaw boats and such. Candles that looked like you could purchase them, but under closer scrutiny one could see the order form.

As I walked down the mall stairs another client was commenting on the pretty bags and how the store names looked so beautiful. But there was nothing in the bags!

As I wandered a little it was clear that the “mall” had been made for tourism. Everything seemed beautiful in its brick, wood and glass display and décor. Continue reading The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing