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Transformation Changes Everything

Lee Johndrow
Lee Johndrow

The last week has been interesting in the fact that it is so foreign to me. Things that are occurring and happening are not things I am used to encountering. So hearing a variety of view points is interesting.

One of the topics this week had to do with responsibility. When something occurs who is responsible? Where does accountability fall? You would be amazed at the answers! Folks, I come from the place, “you jump over the candle and burn your butt you wear the blister”. With that said I am seeing more and more people without a clue. Living life thinking the world owes them a living. Common decency seems to be slipping away. (But I know we can change it!) Continue reading Transformation Changes Everything

Timing – The Beginning Of Process

leejohndrowteamLately, like many my mind has been on what we call process. The time, the steps and ingredients or things necessary to accomplish a finished product.

In people, process not only includes time, but may include revelation about God or oneself. It may in fact seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r! It may or may not include people. As you read through the Bible there is plenty of time to observe the result of process in a person’s or a people’s life. Continue reading Timing – The Beginning Of Process

Christmas Wrecks

leejohndrowteamThere was the sign “Christmas Wrecks”. It looked quiet enough, but as I walked onto the lot, I realized it was far from quiet. But as far as the word “wrecks” clearly it was appropriate.

The dream was 5 dreams deep. Each dream only brought me one dream closer to awaking. (I never had that happen that I remember.) I remember “awaking” at 3:30 and thinking “Christmas Rex?” But then I was swept into another level of the dream. (Wreck the halls…) Continue reading Christmas Wrecks

Those Annoying Red Dots

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

The other day I came home after doing some work and picked up my laptop. Turned it on, checked some news sites and went to Facebook. Their before me were those annoying “red dots” at the top. You know the ones; how many messages, people wanting to friend you and current news messages for you. 8 “friend requests” (clothes required to get me to click on it.), 14 messages and over 60 news clicks. I started to slip into “depression” because I had the grandchildren here and no time. I had only been away a half hour. What was I going to do? I started to get anxious.

(Today they moved them to the right of my page, so they are now at the end of my “sentences.” Those things drive me crazy!)

A few moments later I determined my daughter-in-love had used my computer for her weekly Facebook time and not signed off. Okay, but how can you leave those things not cleared?!?!?!? Incomplete tasks are too much for me. I know, I believe anything that breeds compulsion or compulsive behavior perhaps is not from God!

From my book on “Interrupted Process” that is nearly complete.

The loss of a known process can create turmoil, frustration and anxiety.

Years ago while taking a psychology class I was one of the two subjects used for an experiment. Each of us was sent outside the room with the instruction to wait until called in. While the two of us were outside the instructor explained to the class the procedure that they would witness.

The first subject was called back in and went through the procedure. A few moments later I was called into the room. I was seated at a table. They put the pieces to a small puzzle in front of me asking me to assemble it. As I moved through the puzzle, she pushed the puzzle and its pieces away, saying “NEXT!” She put 5 or 6 rubber bands in front of me and asked me to connect them. I began the process of connecting the rubber bands and moments later she picked abruptly picked them up yelling “NEXT!” She put half a dozen pencils scattered in various directions and asked me to put the points on one end and the erasers on the other.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the remaining tests. As I aligned the pencils she pushed them away yelling “NEXT!” I jumped up from the table tipping it over and walking out of the room cursing the “process.” I later returned to hear the outcome of the test.

Not being able to complete a task or leave something for tomorrow irritates my way of thinking. I am sure that some of this is “probably me” but those stupid red dots. At least don’t put numbers in them! Don’t make it harder!

I am kidding on some levels, but some things need to be just set aside. Others need time. I am working on that. I get a thought and I am “afraid” I will lose it. Yesterday I gave a fellow consultant and friend advice and counsel for a business client. I watched her painstakingly write down the thoughts, the threads and the questions. That I could do all day long. (The hard ones are when I am in the shower or somewhere I “have to remember” what I am thinking!)

So what does take time? Orson Wells , big and dramatic, in the 70’s for Gallo Winery declaring “We will sell no wine before its time.” Okay, some things just take time. (Facebook is not one of those things with “priority” scribbled all over it. Like a thief, it “takes time.”) I am working on that. Not all thoughts, prophecies or dreams are for today. Some need to be percolated like coffee, steeped like tea and nurtured like a child.

I don’t have all the answers, I assure you. Being on a team at Village with a plethora of gifts that are different than mine makes it easier. Here is the dream, here is what I see, and as I hand it over, I no longer labor on it. My part is “done” so to speak. (I will still pray and participate as we go a long.)

Sometimes I think we need to be careful that we do not become so familiar with something that we miss the fuller revelation or message with in. It’s like my wife changing the furniture around and me coming through the door, tripping over the coffee table. Tomorrow morning it may look better but fro right now I have to adjust.

Those red dots are annoying, but hey, I can turn that off. So, while my “world” changed this morning, He hasn’t.