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Out Of The North

leejohndrowteamWhile walking down by the river I was watching the where the snow and ice had disappeared from the river and the ponds. So much of the ice was gone on the North side of each area.

As I contemplated it I realized that the winter sun came from the south in much of the season. Because of it’s “lowness” on the horizon it only touched the northerly side of each body of water.

It was then the Lord began to speak to me of a move of God out of the north to touch the most southerly states…

A Lot Of Turmoil

2013-08-22 10.50.40There seems to be a “lot of turmoil” about me. Some of it has even “got hold” of me a little. The dictionary definition is this, “a state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion.” A state or condition. That tells you it is not “forever” that there is respite.

Job talked about turmoil. After outlining his woes a little he said this, “There the wicked cease from raging, And there the weary are at rest. “The prisoners are at ease together; They do not hear the voice of the taskmaster. “The small and the great are there, And the slave is free from his master.” (Job 3) Continue reading A Lot Of Turmoil

My First Job Growing Up To Work

funny-clever-sign-prank-winter-practical-joke-snowman-snowMy first endeavor was probably snow shoveling and lawn mowing. I lived in a community in Northford Connecticut. A rural community my parents lived on a former dairy farm. I shoveled driveways and sidewalks. Most people paid between $2 and $5 for the work. Sometimes we got multiple snows and I collected well. Tips often included cookies and hot chocolate. When we got the tractor with a snow blower everything was $5-$10. I loved the snow.

I put a small tray out my window. Salt sat in the tray and a wire connected it to the buzzer/light in my room. Snow would fall. Snow would melt. Circuit completed. Buzzer would ring. Preparation to be out early ahead of others would begin. Continue reading My First Job Growing Up To Work