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Looking For God In All The Wrong Places

brightThis morning I was pondering a string of posts friends had put on Facebook about Bible school. Their thinking at this stage of the game and such. Value and such. I was more the Dr. Seuss kind of guy when it came to school. “Why fit in if you were made to stand out.” (I did try. Only yesterday I was asked why I never went to business school. The answer is simply, I am a terrible student. I can ace a test, get my home work done and race through the books but the physical “school” is virtually impossible for me.) But this is not about school or Bible school or any thing of the sort. Just the seed that was sown in my vivid imagination following some words I had heard earlier. (“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” Dr. Seuss.  I love Dr. Seuss. I have 3 series of childrens’ books I would love to write if I had the time!) Continue reading Looking For God In All The Wrong Places

The Winning Number Is…

leejohndrowteamYesterday I participated in a webinar. It was about a product I don’t totally understand. But the guy was interesting and I hung in there. What they taught on had little to do with technology and more to do with marketing and promotion. That and webinars give me a few moments to do other things, like review email, answer questions and get caught up. People participated around the world. Continue reading The Winning Number Is…

Change That Changes

leejohndrowteamLast night I pondered my day and while I was sitting upstairs I thought, what is it that I can release into the atmosphere that I would know would change someone’s life. The thought came to me that I wanted to see myself somewhere else. I wanted a visitation to a “visible” heavenly place. I was not looking for angels or the Lord but I was seeking a piece of real estate “somewhere else”. Instantly I found myself “moving”. The purpose of my trip or the journey itself is not important. What is important is that while things were changing for me they were changing for other people. Continue reading Change That Changes

What Is In Your Future?

leejohndrowteamA recent headline got me thinking about my past and my current state. It also revealed to me the hearts of folks.

Most folks are aware of my background pre-Christianity. The stores, the spells, the witchcraft. I can tell you my pathway to darkness of that caliber was not an “over night” thing. It began long before that. The culmination was a witch who became friends with my wife at the time and subsequently with me. Seriously, it was all down hill from there for many a year. Continue reading What Is In Your Future?

Manipulation In The Body

preachingatvillageI watched the video as the gun was placed to my head. The more I watched, the more I knew the outcome. The person was going to be killed. Shot. And of course that was what happened. (Even as I watched this video went viral. The numbers increasing so rapidly I sat there amazed. (Another snuff film at the hands of the enemy and people were eating it up. Please stop!) Continue reading Manipulation In The Body

Guess Who’s Watching?

leejohndrowteamYesterday I had a meeting which a superior said to me, “you are spiritual and it shows in how you do things.” Interesting that they were watching.

Many times I have come in under the radar to see someone’s heart turned to the Lord. No tracts, mini Bibles or newsletters. Just love. I have watched God change a person’s life so many times I cannot count. I have had folks come to my home and spoken to them. From cults and covens and watched them begin to weep as I have shared God’s love. Admittedly I was not always like that with God. I was a “beat them over the head with it” guy. Continue reading Guess Who’s Watching?

Hidden No More

leejohndrowteamThe company had hired me to uncover espionage. Most of it the corporate, milk toast kind of espionage. Only occasionally had it proved to be “dangerous” as people were found to be stealing. Much of it was pretty simple. But my degree of intuitiveness (That is what my company would call it.) had helped me.

The hard part was my coworkers thought I just occupied a desk and took lots of trips. I never really had “conversations” with them. The upper echelons did not really want to be “affiliated” with me, leading to a lonely workplace environment. (I suspected the corporate side had a few secrets themselves.) Continue reading Hidden No More

Deliverance From Fear It Belongs To You

fearAs a longtime believer and being on a ministry team one of the things I am asked about often is deliverance. Can someone have a demon? What does that look like? How does that happen?

My experience with “deliverance” is a long one. I put deliverance in quotes because some, perhaps a lot of what I believe now is not what I have always believed. Perhaps one day I shall pen the differences. Continue reading Deliverance From Fear It Belongs To You

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Smell The Sound Of Fear?

fearI think about the fear I see grip people. I think about how much goes unaccomplished in our world over the issue of fear. I accept the fact that fear can be a perceived or real issue.

Some 30 years ago, I remember watching a horror movie on a 19” black and white Sony. I remember the boy climbing into the coffin and I clearly remember the body jumping up. That was it. TV off, lights off.

I had been a horror film watcher for years and all of a sudden this one “got” me. Years later I became involved in witchcraft and I cannot begin to tell you the journey of fear. I do not watch fright films or horror films and have not for many a year. (Who needs the spirit of fear in your home or life?) I like life without fear. That is not to say in my “born again” experience I have not been afraid and had to overcome it a time or two. Continue reading Shhhh… Listen! Do You Smell The Sound Of Fear?

Words Of Destiny #7 Realignment, Real Estate and Reassignment

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667Last night before I went to sleep I wrote this down.  Our occupation with what is right ought to be greater than our preoccupation with what is wrong.

This morning I found myself thinking about angels and all the power I have to send them to do His will in the earth. (Hebrews 1:7) About all that is right in the world and the increase of what is right. Continue reading Words Of Destiny #7 Realignment, Real Estate and Reassignment