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Letting Go Of Yesterday

leejohndrowteamYesterday before I went off to be part of the church at our local fellowship, I saw this and wrote it on my ministry page. Lots of people read it and shared it..

This morning I saw words being shed. Words of destruction and words of hurt. I saw the shedding of pain. I saw new words being spoken. New words of goodness, grace and greatness. Continue reading Letting Go Of Yesterday

Satan Has No Authority Here

who-are-youIn the middle of the night I was awakened because I began to cough. I got up, grabbed a glass of water and returned to my bed. I sat there and the situations of the last few

days began to mount up in my mind. At 2AM it always seems to be a time of just you. I needed to focus or my alternative would be to get up and “walk it off”. I called upon the Lord and He appeared to me. But “calling” someone is the easy part a lot of the time. Then you have to have a conversation. And so the conversation began. Continue reading Satan Has No Authority Here

Words, Words, Words

preachingatvillageOver the weekend I had two people share with me their contemplation over words they had received from me many years ago. I want to say I am encouraged when someone tells me they are standing on a word. Not necessarily my word, but any word they might have received. Why? Because I often think the world is a fickle place when it comes to words and the idea of “That was great! Can I have another?” Too often they would be better served getting a fortune cookie. So, as I said when someone tells me a word they are holding on I am impressed. Continue reading Words, Words, Words

It Is Time To Use Your Words

leejohndrowteamWhen I first connected with God and gave my life over to Him I was pretty naïve about a lot of things. I believed a lot of things I no longer believe. Even today my belief in God is deepened, shaped and changed. To try to live like I always did no longer possible.

One of the things I heard was this. That while God was pure the impurity of the vessel added residue to the words that someone brought forth. You may know it as the “flesh” thing. Flesh tarnishes spirit thinking. Now, I do not believe that anymore and if you do have at it. (But before you send me the scathing epistles take some time to study the word “flesh”.) I was taught that when someone gives a word the “impurity” of them will get on it, leaving it “good but not God”. Continue reading It Is Time To Use Your Words

Life Is To Be Lived

My mom and dad bring me home!
My mom and dad bring me home!

Today would have been my mom’s 88 birthday. Amazing how time flies. She left this planet in 2001 during the 9/11 week. Miss you mom!

Last night I felt like I took on some things that were hard to wrap my brain around. It was not an “easy” night. I awoke at 4:44 feeling like I had been through a battle. Here is a potpourri of thoughts. They do connect.

This morning I was saying to the Lord, “there is turmoil in the air” and I felt the nudge of the Lord say, “Last night was the beginning of decision”. Change is not always easy but sometimes necessary for the place we want to be. “The beginning”? I see choices opening and options fanned out. Some decisions are painful.

“Will you trust me” says the Lord.

  • When I was young man I was on a canoe trip on Lake George with a group of young campers. We needed to get to the next island to set up camp. A storm came out of no where. It came over the mountains to the west and dropped on us. The winds increased and the waves got tremendously high for a group of 12 year olds. (Even for the older!) At the same time a large side wheeler was near, hidden by the rain and the waves were super high as the result of the wind and the boats wake. Shouting orders we had to get the canoes at the proper angle to avoid sending our supplies to the bottom of the lake. As the waves came towards and the first canoe sunk into the valley, it was no longer visible, so deep was the valley. It was tremendously “long” few minutes, but we made it through cheering and encouraging one another. Young people think fun. Counselors think “help me God”.

Sometimes you must get the right “angle” of attack to make it through. Straight ahead in the canoe would have left us upside down in the waters of the lake. Listen to the Lord and hear His wisdom.

  • Over the weekend there were many Facebook reports of keys locked in vehicles and apartments and even lost. I thought, how odd is that. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. What have you done with the keys? The “keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? I said to my friend yesterday , that “the keys have been given but by our own choices we have locked them up.” Moments later there was an interpretation of a tongue that said “open the treasure chests, open up what is in you!” What you lock up will be locked and what you open up is free. THE LOCKSMITHS ARE COMING!
  • While meditating on the waters of life, I saw a picture appear. It was a person who was dead. Dead, dead, dead. I immediately thought “why are they dead and how will I raise them.” (This has been a big topic for me as of late. Only a few weeks ago my grandson Jacob came to me and said “Daddy, you need to got your parent’s graves and get them out.”) I walked over to the dead person and laid my hands on their head. I could see light flowing from me into the cold, dark body. I simply commanded “life” and left my hands on their heads. During this time “lines of light” began to connect to me and provide “energy” that continued the power of the light. But what was weird, was there were lines of “dark light” that we trying to connect to me and this person. The “battle was on”. The person soon got up. I looked at the lines of light, both bright and dark. They all came from believers! People, stop with the “we are all going to hell in a hand basket” stuff. I am no longer letting people say things like the “kingdom is getting better but the world is getting worse” or anything that takes life away. I get bad things can happen, but as I said the other day you can not “have it both ways”. The power of life and death is in your mouth. (You may want to purchase me ebook on declarations and decrees.)
  • In the last dream of my night a man who looked similar to my grandfather, Franklin White Lee, was introduced to me. I asked him where he was from. His response was “Cape Coral, the HOC”. I woke up thinking that was pretty weird. Cape Coral is a “new city” built in the late 50’s. And HOC? I felt the Lord say, “House of Congress”. And the connection is? I felt the Lord say that there is a wave of motion coming from the “50’s generation” who thought life is going to be different. They thought retirement. But economy, government and recession have thwarted it. I sensed the Lord saying “watch for the move in this generation, for out of their time will come a revival of understanding and wisdom. It will not be lost but will increase.” It is time to enforce the law of life in Christ Jesus. Start to think “refirement” and not retirement. Start to thing long, not with a “hail Mary” but with a hail Jesus! It is your time, it is your season!

Yesterday was an amazing time in our church fellowship. From the very beginning with music that changed the atmospheres, to the testimony of a man healed from arthritis and could once again raise his hands and walk it was getting good, but soon to get better. As my friend Mark shared about the “whys” of deacons and elders in preparation for the installation of three dear friends as deacons there was an intensity building. We are in an awesome place. Far different than we were just a few short years ago. Why share this you might ask. Because what we are seeing, you can see!

Prayer of healing
Prayer of healing

As we prayed and prophesied over the deacons, the next was to let them pray for people. I want to tell you these people are my family. And if it is not fun in the family who wants to be there?

My mom left “unfinished” business and life she would not live. The choice to approaching storms requires wisdom. Don’t lock up “your keys”. Raise the dead and receive life. Watch your words. God’s structure is good for all. All good and all God!

The best life to be lived is where He is. He will never leave you nor forsake you. As my friend Mark said yesterday, “Freedom without relationship is just a long walk by yourself…”



3 Words For Today You May Want To Consider

flamesNo sooner had I completed my blog entry for today than I found myself hearing and seeing words.

I feel like we are in a season of revival, of awakening and words that encourage and change us are important. I see, as do others, far reaching change of our nation.

With that in mind I share these three words. Continue reading 3 Words For Today You May Want To Consider

Words Of Destiny #4 A Young Man Dines and A Young Girl Has Her Heart Healed

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667This morning I was swept through the clouds. Nearly an hour later my chest hurts from the sobbing I encountered, as I felt I was weeping over children and nations. It was unexpected and painful. It was one of those cries where you feel something breaking loose.

The first person I saw was a young man in a chapeau who was invited in to sup with the King in recognition of service and faithfulness. Continue reading Words Of Destiny #4 A Young Man Dines and A Young Girl Has Her Heart Healed

The Need For A Good Atmosphere

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Too often we walk into a circumstance or situation and we can tell that something is off. It is at that point we get to make the determination will we accept it or reject it. My experience is that many people just get comfortable with the feeling that has been revealed to them even when it is negative. This is fine if the atmosphere you are walking in is a good one. The difficulty is when we encounter an atmosphere that is off or even demonic in nature and we accept it.

When it comes to changing atmosphere, it ultimately comes down to you and your belief of who God is within your life. If you believe you are always under circumstances and not above circumstances you will operate from that mentality. (Ephesians 1:20-23) My hope here is to encourage you to change the atmosphere. Continue reading The Need For A Good Atmosphere