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Where You Rest In Is Where You Are Best In

runwayWhile in service on Sunday morning I watched the, a highway, open before me. A highway that went through a mountainous range.  Suddenly the vehicle I was riding in accelerated and we were quickly moving so fast that my distance disappeared and everything soon became my now. I realized anywhere I wanted to be I was. There was no time “to get there.” My seasons had been “pulled into now.” It was if a 3D picture no longer had distance or perspective. It was all “here”! 2D. (2D or not 2D? Perhaps that is the question…)

I get that sometimes we just want to “get out of this to get into that.” Maybe your now is a little painful or a little boring. (Boring is a good time to evaluate that which is about you!) And if I could just get to there, maybe, just maybe my world would make more sense. A better job, a new girlfriend or boyfriend or some expected happening. That would make me “better”. So life may become a time of prayer and fasting, or declarations and decrees, or applying the principles of the last book you read. (You do realize that sometimes the principles that made people healthy, wealthy and wise did not just “happen” for the most part, right? And that God may well have a better, more individualized answer for you?) Please hear me…God is in the process. He is more concerned with the process that He is the destination. Continue reading Where You Rest In Is Where You Are Best In

A Season Of Change-Readying For The Next Step

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Today in my own life I will be packing to move tomorrow. Seems good to end the nightmare on Halloween!

Lately I find myself telling others how amazing grace is not just because I believe it but because I have seen it. In the last few years I have seen more marriages healed, children restored (Even kidnapped ones!) and restoration come to family units than the first 20 years of my Christianity. I am not ready to say I have seen more miracles and healing yet in the last two years, but it is clear we are heading in that direction. Continue reading A Season Of Change-Readying For The Next Step

Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul

Up early and doing a bit of reminiscing. The definition of reminiscing is the recollection of memories and past events. Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some reminiscing with a few young folks about how I actually “got here.” My pathway to Christianity was not easy on most levels. Immediately after taking on relationship with the Father, my life was overturned.  I was faced with relationship implosion, the loss of friends and business.

I would lie to you to tell you that there were not times where I was willing to walk away. I struggled with worth and value and things that were beyond my control. But deep inside the life of Jesus was emanating. Beating, beaming. Like a beacon on a hill I was drawn to the light each time and the correction of my compass was intact. Continue reading Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul