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Bottom Feeders No More – It Is Jubilee!


Bottom Feeders

fishWhile in the midst of worship I saw a number of sucker fish surfacing in the waters of a vision. All over the place these fish came to the top, breaking the water as they sought oxygen. Suckers roam the bottom of ponds and slow moving streams living off the bottom.

As I watched this I thought “jubilee.” It was a word that had been in my ears that day. And I was working hard to remember a word that Bob Jones had shared many years ago about jubilee, fish and water. Continue reading Bottom Feeders No More – It Is Jubilee!

Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Don’t lose your vision.

This morning as I looked out my window the sun was shining, illuminating the foliage, bringing fire to the trees and their leaves.

I thought, “Lord, what do you have for me?”

I saw a few things.

I saw tanks pulling in across the horizon. The Lord showed me there was an all out attack on grace and it’s ability to change people…and to leave it alone. That He had it. Personally, I pretty much gave up being a grace policeman in the kingdom a while ago. People attack me and friends of mine. I saw the tanks go after people and men hunting the “perpetrators” of the message. Continue reading Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…