The Kingdom Is More Than What We Eat Or Drink


amandaIs there anyone else who is just tired of all of the articles and documentaries and news reports of GMO food, organic versus non-organic, carbs versus proteins,to vaccinate or not vaccinate, etc.? For years I have studied these topics and researched them. I have watched every documentary possible and have made life changes choices after viewing. I have been disgusted with the way animals have been treated and raised and harmed. I have read reports on the China study, which is research that proves dairy and meat are harmful to our bodies and causes cancer,and leaky gut, and a list of other sicknesses. And then I’ve read articles on why grains and carbs are mutated and cause us to get celiac disease and get fat. I mean gosh for every article out there that says one negative thing about something there’s another that proves that it’s positive for you. Talk about confusing. Talk about stressful. And talk about living in fear.

I don’t really want to elaborate anymore on those topics because I want to talk about something different instead. Something I feel that’s really on my heart.

Over the last handful of years I know what it’s like, for multiple reasons, to count calories, to judge everything that I put into my body, and ask “is this healthy, is it greasy, does it have antibiotics and it was raised right, is this carb going to make me fat, is this meat going to get stuck in my intestines and not digest properly, how do I incorporate more vegetables, maybe I should juice today”. So much time and energy was spent over thinking about food!! I have felt like my world has revolved around food for way too long that food almost controls me and my family. Where is the power in that kind of living? A believer in Jesus Christ, the hope of all glory that lives inside of me, is concerned about everything in her environment and what she puts into her body? Didn’t Jesus even confirm that it’s not about what we put into our body but it’s about our heart and our spirit instead.
A believer, a Christian, a world changer, a promoter of the great and wonderful Jesus and the gospel of His amazing love and grace, doing the same thing everybody else on this earth is doing… Getting way to caught up in the atmosphere and environment and food sources affecting me and my body instead of me affecting and influencing and changing the atmosphere and environment and food sources.

The more we focus on all of those things that are “wrong” with our food,the more we take our eyes off of Him and the power and the authority that He is given us. We were given the commission to bring heaven here on earth, to influence the earth which he’s given us dominion over, to use the supernatural gifts that he is given us, to speak life and not death over everything in our lives, to bring great impact to our world… why get so caught up in the petty things of this natural world then. Is the supernatural realm not more real than this natural world!? We have the power to change things in the natural world by using the spirit. Imagine the great things we would be doing for the kingdom of God by changing the small things we get hung up on, to bring greater impact to people and our earth. What would that look like? Can you imagine?

Imagine instead of debating in discussion and Facebook posts of how terrible GMO’s are or the use of antibiotics in our meat, we spoke life over that topic. Maybe as we are eating the very loaf of Bread made with “GMO’s” from the company we’ve all grown to know, and prophesied over every carbohydrate to bring life and health to our body and not havoc and weight gain…. Maybe we wouldn’t all be so “sick,fat and nearly dead” and maybe it would cause us to see that there are more important things in life than what we put into our bodies and our body image and our focus can be more on others and not ourselves.
I know some people will say “but our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit ,it’s our job to take care of it and it’s good to know this information ….yada yada yada”.

What I’m proposing is instead of getting all this information on why this is bad and that is bad ,why don’t we change it. There is power in our tongue, the Bible says that we can bring life or death just with the power of our tongue. Do you want to keep speaking about why this is bad and that is bad and like this causes thyroid problems and that causes weight problems or do you want to speak life into it.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to continue thinking about every single little thing that I put into my body or my family’s . So much time has been wasted. So much frustration. I’m thankful that God has given me grace to empower me in so many ways and I believe that if it’s for all these great things that it’s absolutely for these little things too.

I know the more I focus on my diet and exercise the less I focus on my family and those around me and the power of God and the power He has given me.

As I write this I’m not even sure if I’ve said all of the things that I am really feeling stirred up inside of me but I hope that it helps people.

You know the Bible even says so much about this it says that our life is so much more than just food and drink.

It even talks about weak is the faith of people who eat only vegetables.

I’ve really been feeling that this has just been something the enemy has gotten people to shift their focus to take our focus off of bringing life into this area and focusing on bringing the kingdom of heaven here to earth.

Even as I’m writing this I have been having an issue struggling with my weight, I feel like I am stuck ,I am at a weight I don’t like and I’m not comfortable with and I’ve been trying to ” diet and exercise”. And as I do this I feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. To stop thinking so much and all the different things that I read and have learned along the way about food and to instead focus in peace and joy and bringing change to my environment and body not through my works and striving but through His spirit in me.

Like the other day when I went to put my children into the local YMCAs childcare, one of my first thoughts was actually a fear, afraid that they didn’t clean the toys very well and that my children could somehow catch a Germ and get sick. The Holy Spirit brought it to my attention and instead I started praying and prophesying and declaring that wherever we go, we affect the atmosphere, that wherever we go we bring life and blessing and we don’t need to be afraid of germs. God gave us the power to affect the environment around us not have the environment affect us.

I guess what I’d rather see is instead of living in my own power of what I can control that goes into my body and the “research” on how things affect us… I want to live in His power, I want Him to so affect me that it is manifested in all the world. ¬†And guess what; He’s not afraid or cautious of food and drink and what is in it.

Written by Amanda Allen

Amanda is a mom of 5 children, married and living life. Blogging about being a mother of five children, the love of the Father and the finished works of the cross, life’s ups and downs, sorrows and joys and faith in midst of trials.

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