The “No Checking Out” Line

MarcelNo checking out.

This morning as I was thinking about dreams, visions, hope and such, I felt the words begin to form, “You can’t check out”. I began to ponder it and think what does this mean.

Many years ago in my first marriage, I remember an older man saying “you two can handle the family reunion. It is time for young people to take over.” I remember the subsequent thinking on how that was meant in their eyes, that they were “done” with things. It was on a new generation. I also remember listening to the “why did you do that” and the “I would not do it that way” later on.

In the church one of the buzz words became “”delegate”. “Too much on your plate? Delegate!” And then there was a training moment that came with that. Maybe… But somehow in so many cases things were lost and ultimately people were lost. Pushed into things that were not for them. Everyone wanted to be in ministry!

Somewhere down the line, it morphed into “put your self out of a job”. Now I want to be clear, there were successes, but so much of it became “plan your time”, “see how much more you can do” and more. And in the midst of it there were “casualties”. Many of them were young people. “Do you ever just do something for fun” was asked. “Uhhh…no, we are too busy saving the world!”

And so many young people checked out. Now some figured out the value of family in the midst of it all and began to “check” back in. I was one of those. I nearly lost it all.  That “how to build a church” does not always fit the “how to build a family” thought process.

Yesterday I had the dream where wanting to quit was stronger than “I want to stay in”. In some areas I feel like that lately. I said to Tina I do not have time for the ones I want to. As I watched all the children and grandchildren yesterday and I watched a lot of grandparents and parents, I realized most grandparents are checking out. “I took care of you, now figure it out” could be worn on a lot of t shirts of a lot of people.

So, yes you can check out if you want to. You can hand off the reins. But I am going to ask you this, have you done all that you can? Is it time? Will what you envisioned be carried out? Is it the work of the Lord to leave now? And on the hope there are some younger readers, my question is, are you ready? Can you stand on your own? Is it your time, your season? And to both groups I say, honor one another.

I read of a man who committed suicide yesterday. I am not sure why it affected me the way it did. I did not know him. I, in fact, do not think I ever hear of him until I read the article. I found myself thinking, this is what checking out looks like. On some levels I get it. The level of pain I have in some situations, circumstances and such is high. I want to do something  about it, but I do not know what…yet! I know what suicide looks like. I understood the man, for many years ago, I endured a summer of 5 friends killing themselves. I myself was hospitalized after a gun incident. I get it. BUT, there is hope. And where there is HOPE, faith can be applied.

Before you decide, you can’t “ride” anymore, maybe you need to ask “why you ride”. Before you check out of things, perhaps you need to ask yourself, is it time.

I do understand. So many things are happening in my personal life, that walking away from them seems easier. Taking time always seems easier. Checking out seems easier. But I have had to ask myself and I will ask you, is “easier” the route? Because sometimes what is “easy” now becomes harder next week. Next month. Next year. So, I am calling for a “Price Check” in Aisle 1. What is the cost of the check out?

I know. I look around and I see disappointment on so many faces! But, if I, one who walks with God decide to check out where are they and so many others like them to go?

The other day I wrote on “pain points” and a friend wrote this, “As I read this I remembered the attitude and nature of Joshua and Caleb. They saw the”pain point” of going into the promised land and were ready to accept the challenge of going forward not because of their gifting. They believed God would arise and scatter the enemies before them and give them the victory because of who He is.”

He is who He says He is. I submit to you this day that you can not “check out”. Why? Because God needs you here, now and in this hour.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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