Treasures In The Trash by Pam Potter

Pam PotterWhat treasures are in your trash?

We recently closed on a house we had purchased as a flip. Before renovations began, as I was sweeping the floors I kept finding nickels. Seriously, nickels everywhere. To the point where it was beyond coincidence. So…I thought “okay, Lord, I’ll take it. You are pouring out your grace upon this project.” Thank you Jesus!

As I was once again sweeping the floors, this time in preparation to hand the keys of this finished project over to the new owner, I kept finding dimes. And I thought, really God? Is this double grace? And I felt the Lord was saying “No. I have increased your wealth.” Seriously? We didn’t make much money on this project, fell short of our financial goal and you’re saying you’ve increased our wealth?

And this is what God had so say: “ah, my child. Wealth is about so much more than money. The wealth, the treasure is hidden amongst the dirt. See that dime. Each dime represents something you’ve gained, something you’ve learned throughout this project. All those frustrations, all the mistakes made, all the ugliness revealed. You can sweep it up and throw it away with the dirt OR you can choose to learn and grow from each situation. I have to tell you, this has been the most trying experience our marriage has endured. Did we always handle every situation as Jesus would? No. In looking back over the past few months we have learned so much about each other and how we relate/function as a couple. To learn and grow, now that brings wealth! A wealth of knowledge, a wealth of understanding, a wealth of patience, a wealth of appreciation.

What are you sweeping up right now? What’s in your trash pile? Are you going to throw it away and just be done with that season/situation? Or are you going to sift through the dirt, the pain, the ugliness and choose to glean the nuggets of treasure lying there waiting for your embrace?

Written by Pam Potter

Pam Potter

Pam lives in NH with her husband Jack.

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