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leejohndrowteamJim Morris told us in 1966 to “break on through to the other side”.

Many of us have desired breakthrough. Part of it is coming to an understanding of what we are leaving, moving through and headed towards. Over the years I have heard a lot of prophetic words on breakthrough. People get excited. (I do.) But at some point we must look at what it means. It is one thing for me to offer you a candy bar. “You shall have chocolate.” Another if chocolate is not high on your radar screen. It also brings more excitement and understanding to your world, if for instance someone says “you shall have a Payday” and that is your favorite candy bar in the whole wide world!

I share the following as it was given to me on three different mornings this week.


The last few days I have given a lot of thought to the idea of legacy. What it means, what it looks like, where does it ultimately take us? I spent a lot of the day meditating about it yesterday and some of the scriptures related to it. I find myself thinking about the following thought process… The first thing we must do is breakaway from the history that holds us back. Sometimes that means we have to bring to light into the places of darkness that brought us to that place. (Abraham’s thinking was illuminated when God appeared to him and told him to leave his land and his family behind.) What does that begins to look like in bringing light to darkness? All that is about will soon begin to look like light as well. To break away from one’s history does not necessarily mean to break away from some people in our lives (Though it may.). God saw fit to allow you and I to have the parents that we have. He assigned us parents but He did not orchestrate the evil or wrongful things (Or even good things that are the “enemy” of God.) that occurred as the result of that. In truth, as we bring our lives to the light, we begin to see that there is a thread of his divinity through our lives. Clearly the scripture Romans 8:28 begins to play out.

One of the most difficult things in talking to people that have had a difficult past is the unwillingness to revisit that which needs to be brought to light. It is not for some perverse pleasure that we bring things to the light, but in fact to bring light into the perversities and evil of a past. To remove their sting. Their pain.

We do not hold people in bondage over their history, for to do that is not in keeping with God’s purpose in their life. One of the most difficult things in bringing our history to the light is the pain that’s involved in it. But that pain holds us.

Many years ago while in the midst of counseling someone, I found myself saying “you did not die in your history, therefore you will not die in bringing light to it now”.

Now for some people that is a very frightening thing. Perhaps it even is shameful. I look at the difficult times in my life, the places of darkness and humiliation that I’ve been ashamed of even as a believer and I’ve found only when I ask God into those areas of my life am I able to shake shame.

Because shame hides itself to you in the darkness of your history, in the hiddenness of your past, until we bring it to light and understand totally His loving kindness and mercy. Allow His light to bring comfort to your soul.


Breakthrough occurs your present. There is so much talk about breakthrough. I speak about it a lot. No one wants to be pulled under or bowled over. But the only place breakthrough can actually occur is in your present state. We can prophesy breakthrough to come but at some point it will be a “present time” we’re in and breakthrough will be in our present situation, place or being. (David had been promised victory but when he heard the moving of the mulberries, it was then He knew Jehovah Perazzim, the God of breakthrough. Appearing now! Today! This moment.)

Too often we make breakthrough to be more of a God thing when in fact its most likely a co-laboring thing. Certainly there are times in our lives where we lay something down only to have God provide breakthrough after we have surrendered and given up. But much of our breakthrough occurs when we recognize that there is lack in our life and begin to meditate upon scripture or words that the Lord has given us. And then begin to speak those things into existence that they might actually come to pass.

I often share on the the Lord of breakthrough. He is mentioned in the Bible where David is getting ready to go to war and he can hear a noise in the trees. Often times a breakthrough is accompanied by a sound that is heard in the trees. The trees frequently represent the people of God who are about us and in our lives, encouraging us and exhorting us to better works. When we break through we are leaving our present state of lack, discouragement, disappointment or hurt, to move into a dimension of wholeness in that particular area. It is a dimensional thing on many levels because it means that we need to leave behind that which is held is back.

Earlier I spoke about breaking away from our history. There are things in our history that have the potential to change us and may have in fact impacted how we have walked and lived our lives. That needs to be left behind. One of those examples would be family traditions in history. There may be detrimental things that have occurred in the family over and over again, for instance alcohol or drug abuse, infidelity or divorce. Those things can leave a child or a family member in a place of discouragement and brokenness. But we must quickly come to the realization(Be lighted by God.) that just because it happened to them does not mean that it needs to happen to us. A simple evaluation of how they may have got there, will perhaps reveal what they may need to seek for, getting God’s guidance that they may be ready for the win.

Breakthrough is a NOW thing!


The Bible talks about the breaking forth. That they would break forth and come out. There is something about breaking forth into your destiny, into your purpose, into your future that you may have to visualize, to see, to enter. And when I say visualize, you need to see that you have come to this place in process to the releasing of yourself, taking yourself away from your past, from your history. That you may have had breakthrough in your present that revealed future events and things come to pass that you knew were available. Things that you knew belong to you. But to actually see this come forth in your life there must be a breaking forth from that place of breakthrough.

Much like this story of seed. We in the natural have collected seeds from fruits and vegetables of the previous season and we put them in jars. There is no visible life in each one of the seeds yet each one of them has the ability to produce life in the same manner as its predecessor. They have a past, but on ly when that jar is opened (breakthrough) and the seeds thrown to the ground (breaking forth) can there be a different future.

In all of us, we have a past or history that’s available to us and it may have sat in a jar indoors or storage as the result of things that happened in our life. Some good. Some not. But in its essence, its beginning, you recognize that it is necessary to see something come to pass. And if you will allow and pull the seeds of the past out that still have life, though it’s not visible, hope will come. You begin to see that there’s a breaking forth or a scattering of the seeds in the land and these are done in the today or in your breakthrough but they have been a precedent for your break forth.

We sing lots of songs of releasing folks from bondage and chains, but often the greatest hold on a person is there mindset or blindness. Deception. They can not see because there has not been light. Ever open a cottage that has not been used for a while. You open doors and windows and let the light stream in.

Break through is just a happening from a breaking away from that which has held into a place where one can spread their wings and fly. Break forth!

Isaiah 58:8 Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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