Community, Grace-All Important To Their Growth

leejohndrowteamI know I am jumping the gun in my order but this one is hot on my heart.

The last few days I have been in contact with some long time friends. I love them and I know my heart is broken for them. I think as you get older, you ought not feel like life is so out of control when things happen. Sometimes you truly need to look to Him. Being with Him is a relationship, the development of a lifestyle. And developing it after you have lost all your energy, your friends and your family is hard. Continue reading Community, Grace-All Important To Their Growth

No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side

leejohndrowteamThis is a longer writing. I wish I knew how to keep things short, but… What I have written is a “recording” of events that are occurring and steps that are necessary in a believer’s life. As much as I hate to admit it, there are indeed fiery trials. Our job is to listen to God, reveal His glory and move in the purpose He has established for us. Simple? Some are shaking their heads “no”. The biggest thing to keep in mind as you read this, is the body of Christ is important to our purpose.

Key thought? Stay plugged in! Continue reading No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side