Happy Birthday Matt!

matthewToday is my youngest son’s birthday! He will be 27. Seems like only yesterday that we saw him come into the life as we know it. Only days later carrying him (And his sister!) home from the hospital.

Life as I knew it, changed. Continue reading Happy Birthday Matt!

Believe…in a moment

preachingatvillageBelieve…in a moment.

At 12:30 I awoke with those words thundering through my mind. (I am sure I had more revelation about it on some levels as well.) But I heard those words.

Before I wrote them down, I thought they could mean, to believe in a moment or a period of time. Or they could speak of deferred belief. (Punctuation is critical, perhaps.) But as I digested it, I realized it meant, I can believe right here, right now. In this very moment of time, this space, I can believe. I do not faith for tomorrow, but I need now! Continue reading Believe…in a moment

Coming to a town near you!

waterwellI had the following dream last night. It took place in a large city. In this city was a Middle Eastern population. As the dream took place, I was aware of the love and care for one another of this community. Continue reading Coming to a town near you!

Before You Change The Channel…Think…

Life-has-no-remote-Get-up-and-change-it-yourselfWhile skimming Facebook over the weekend, I saw this post. “Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.” I agree.

When I was a child, I was my Daddy’s remote. From the comfort of his recliner he would ask me to change the channel. The good news was there was only 3 channels! (I always think it is kind of funny when someone loses a car or TV remote that they do not realize there are buttons or keys for that…) Continue reading Before You Change The Channel…Think…

I’ll Stop The World… No More Franticity!

What if...
What if…

I fully understand that the world is carried on in “microseconds’ when it comes to information. As I read the news, I see people are clamoring for instant access to “what is going on” in the world about them. This morning as I read a few articles, I glanced at one that brought chills. Continue reading I’ll Stop The World… No More Franticity!

It Is Time!

2014-03-15 11.16.51This morning I caught a video of children being removed from a mountaintop. I, like so many others have been praying for the safety of these children, as well as their families. Only this week I read of children’s parents , cutting their hands so these children could drink their blood and not dehydrate and die. Continue reading It Is Time!

Like A Child…

alyssacamera 004Like many, I often find myself caught up in wanting to pray or needing to pray. In the middle of the night, I awoke feeling the need to pray. As I prayed about what I felt was given to me to pray, another picture formed in my mind. Actually, two pictures.

The first was a scene with me, running in the house, telling my parents, they “needed” to see something. I am sure you have seen the scene. The child bursts into the house, the parents look towards him or her. They indicate “wait a moment”. The child starts to squirm and get antsy, waiting to tell what is on his or her mind. Finally, it is “their turn” and a string words begin to spill forth. “Urgency” accentuating each and every word. Sometimes a discovery they made or the sounds of an ice cream truck going by. But it is now. This minute. Continue reading Like A Child…

Your Influence Shapes Your Legacy

My friend Darryl.
My friend Darryl.

Last night the wife of an old friend came by to visit. Martha and I go back a long ways. Her husband, Darryl and her were influential in my life for many a year in ministry, before he had a stoke, subsequently passing a way some time later. It was so good to see her and her travel companion, Joan. Continue reading Your Influence Shapes Your Legacy

If You Feel Left Out, This Is The Place

leejohndrowteamLife is funny. A couple of weeks ago I showed my grandkids “Mork and Mindy” with Robin Williams. Yesterday morning as I drove through Keene and looked at the sign from the time of Jumanji being filmed, I thought of him. Yesterday morning, my post with the picture of “leave me alone”, I thought about him.  And yesterday I wrote about troubled places around the world and thought about Hollywood. I opened my email to see that one of my favorite comedians had gone on. Robin Williams. Continue reading If You Feel Left Out, This Is The Place