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Pam lives in NH with her husband Jack.

Treasures In The Trash by Pam Potter


Pam PotterWhat treasures are in your trash?

We recently closed on a house we had purchased as a flip. Before renovations began, as I was sweeping the floors I kept finding nickels. Seriously, nickels everywhere. To the point where it was beyond coincidence. So…I thought “okay, Lord, I’ll take it. You are pouring out your grace upon this project.” Thank you Jesus! Continue reading Treasures In The Trash by Pam Potter

What Do You Think?

Pam Potter
Pam Potter

August 7th, 2014
Pam Potter

As I sit on the deck with my morning coffee I close my eyes and my mind is infiltrated with thoughts of upcoming events, loved ones I need to connect with, a growing to-do list as well as memories of long ago. I find myself saying “excuse me, but would you kindly move aside to make way for my Jesus?” Continue reading What Do You Think?