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Cast Off Your Cares!

2015-09-05 12.52.11Like so many, today I have a choice. To choose bad or to choose good. To choose good or to choose God. I dreamed and began this a few days ago. Choice? Everyone has one.

Today is the 12th of September. For folks in this country it signified change in the follow up to the destruction of the Twin Towers of New York and the Pentagon. It also signified the day where people picked up and began the arduous process of rebuilding shattered lives and the willingness to overcome the pains of the hour. Continue reading Cast Off Your Cares!

Will They Remember 9/11/01

A friend of mine, Carmen Bywater took this photo.


My wife and I were headed out to be at my mother’s side. She had pancreatic cancer and we were driving out there to say our good byes. We had loaded up the car and were headed out across Connecticut and into New York. I remarked to my wife, “what a beautiful day. Surprised we can not see any planes as close as we are to the city.” Little did I know a rest area would have folks gathered around the TV as the towers fell. My wife came out to tell me. I turned on the radio and we heard story after story. As we got close to Buffalo, traffic was backing up for miles and gas prices were soaring. People were reporting of looting and price gouging and even weapons being pulled. Continue reading Will They Remember 9/11/01

Five Senses – Five Transmitters – A New Processor

Hitting the target
A word for today.

Our Senses

This morning I thought about how I sense God’s presence. And what I hear others to process through to determine “His presence.”. So much of what we try to accomplish is without our “God filter” or the understanding that comes from a renewed mind.

Years ago as I “pastored” a church fellowship, I heard people say when confronted with a task or situation, “I am waiting until I feel lead.” So true to my “pastoral nature” I brought a large chunk of lead from a rock and mineral store and when they would say something like that I would push it towards them, suggest “they feel lead” and get on with their life. But when people operate by their 5 natural senses, this process is more than just funny, it is actually prophetic in nature. Satisfy the sensory need and the body can follow. Continue reading Five Senses – Five Transmitters – A New Processor

The Need For Elimination – Part Of The Growth Process

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

The other day I wrote an article on the God Card. That article also “iced” some people as they saw themselves in it. The only reason for playing the God Card is to win. Not God wins, you win. Another recent article was discussing the idea of marriage and what blessing means in a marriage. That one had some detractors as well. Priorities and filters, the same.

It would be disingenuous of me to not share all that God shows me. People often desire the prophet grace in the church until it starts to talk about “elimination” or change or calling people to better life. Continue reading The Need For Elimination – Part Of The Growth Process