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I’ve Come Too Far!

leejohndrowteamI often think about the changes I have encountered. The walk down a path only to have to back track. In the midst of those it is important to keep in mind the depth of the Lord’s love for you.

This short video is about some of the thought process.

A Dog With Two Bones- A Tale Of Choice

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

In one of my dreams a person had multiple choices before them and the words, “Caesar, Caesar” were being shouted out to them. Upon awakening, I came to the conclusion that the words were really “seize her” pointing out the answer to a choice.

When I was young I was told the story of a dog with two bones. In a nutshell it comes down to choices. The dog could not decide on which bone to choose, so it chooses none and does not eat. Too often in life we have a choice. Continue reading A Dog With Two Bones- A Tale Of Choice