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“I Am Breaking Off The Familiar”


Life-has-no-remote-Get-up-and-change-it-yourselfThis morning I awoke a little later than normal. It frustrated me. Part of the reason was Tina had fallen asleep downstairs looking at pictures and praying. It was “quieter” than normal. When I came down and sent her off to sleep, I heard the word, “familiar”. The Lord said “I am breaking off the familiar”. I am not talking about spirits but familiar, “foot warn” paths we have carved in our walk. So deep we do it by rote. We do not look up or down. In fact we know every step, every response, every answer. Truth be told some of the paths for many have become a “rut”. Now a rut in my mind is simply a coffin with the ends kicked out. Continue reading “I Am Breaking Off The Familiar”