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Memories Of Woody – Groundhog Day!

understanding1Suffice to say groundhogs are not my favorite friend. Whether they are woodchucks or groundhogs. I have shot them, eaten them and made serious efforts to evict them.

I wrote this article in August of 2005. Continue reading Memories Of Woody – Groundhog Day!

Woody A Youthful Attempt At Revenge!

understanding1Updated 4/6/2015

I wrote his story in 2005. This morning awoke and knew I was not up to the task of writing. I read something and thought, what would I share. I clicked on something and it brought me to this.

Ironically it had to do with what I read earlier. It is hard when someone hurts you. Harder when you allow yourself to hurt you or others.


I had devoted hours to my garden. And as the sprouts broke the ground, I was excited. But one morning i went out and there was something missing. Much of the new growth had been eaten. (Nibbled would have been an understatement!) A neighbor said he had seen the woodchuck munching away at my “kingdom.” Continue reading Woody A Youthful Attempt At Revenge!