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Meeting With God And His People

sockmonkeyHave you ever been guilty of saying “I will pray about something” and then forget or get busy? Years ago, I found myself in that place. At the time I was pastoring a church and people called all the time. Sometimes I was engrossed in a project or family and would say “I will pray about it”. Then get busy and forget. I felt guilty. I was upset with me. Continue reading Meeting With God And His People

Unusual Sightings

gardenhandThis morning I was sitting here thinking on things. I had two articles in my head, that I wanted to pursue. Two thought processes that I thought were really important. I was just getting ready to “settle down” with the coffee and begin. “I am ready” I thought. Continue reading Unusual Sightings

The Consequences Are Real

Beating the odds
Beating the odds

In my dream last night I was called to inspect military systems of deployment of weaponry. Most specifically these systems dealt with observation, reconnaissance and utilization of weapons. The systems were run by folks who were settled away in underground bunkers. Continue reading The Consequences Are Real